In Memoriam: Ellsworth Wareham, 104, was “Blue Zone” Pioneer and Cardiothoracic Surgeon

LOMA LINDA, CA — December 18, 2018 — Ellsworth Wareham, MD, known at the end of his life as much for his vegan-supported longevity as his distinguished surgical career that included the first open-heart surgeries in many countries, died Saturday, Dec. 15 at the age of 104.

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A splendid man who radiated kindness and niceness.
As an anesthesiologist who worked with him, I can attest that he was
always supremely competent and never berating nor belittling to the nursing staff.
May he Rest In Peace.


My family are so grateful to Dr. Wareham for fixing our mother’s heart in the 1960’s and giving her nearly 50 extra years of a wonderful life. During her hospital stay she had been sent a beautiful box of chocolates, which he enjoyed eating as he sat on the bed during his daily rounds! We were four little girls at home anxiously waiting and wondering if we would ever see our mom again, and he sent her home, alive and well. Many thanks!


I sure would like to know more about his diet and exercise habits that he developed over his lifetime?

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I trained under him in cardiac surgery at Loma Linda and he was better than advertised -he touched his trainees and nurses that worked with him in a most positive manner


I doubt Trump will have any say in the Second Coming. :smile: @GeorgeTichy

Jokes aside, the good old doc is an inspiration!

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The Sound of Trump is just disturbing… every time I turn on the news… :slight_smile:

I hope that sound will vanish soon, all depending of what the Sound of Mueller will be! Enough of that Sound of Putin resonating in our Nation and our Government. The Sound of the Market is not pleasant either right now… :wink:

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Thank you, Dr. Reis, for the alert of an offensive post, being an ill-advised utilization of I Corinthians 15:52 in this Forum. My post has been deleted. (This text is dear to me and has offered solace personally and to others with whom I have had occasion to share). Nevertheless, I promise to reconsider any pending posts that may prompt U.S. political encouragement. Thank you again for the alert!

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