In Memoriam to the Living: A Shout-out to Spectrum Commenters

Your number 3 above I have seen. Seems like certain points of view are permitted much more latitude than you were afforded. LGT, anti vax, and right wing politics have been pulled into several comment strings. That said, it can be fun to watch.


Thanks for letting me know Terry. This is valuable information because it confirms what I have said, that the culture changed dramatically here.

LGT? Anti-vax? Right wing politics? This was unheard of in the good old days. I haven’t read anything on Spectrum since Dec/2020 when I was suspended for 30 days along with @elmer_cupino, so I didn’t see the evidence that now I see confirmed what my parakeets told me about the change of culture here. So what’s next? Doug Bachelor hired to be the WebEd-in-chief? :wink: And, remember that discussion with that guy who said that “racism is only a Whites’ thing?” His idea got astonishing support, and I got scorched for opposing him. Who needs that???

And let me be clear, I am not calling for any change at Spectrum. I really don’t care about what they do here, it’s their turf. I actually think that @PapaAfful Matthew did a good job, all well intentioned. But at the end of the day, or better, at the end of the 7th day, nothing will change - at least for me. I do not compromise on issues related to freedom of speech. My parents took our family from the Communist Czechoslovakia with great sacrifice. It’s not in America that I will be part of a group that…, well, I will leave it here!

Just to be safe, I will send you Season’s Greetings in private. Happy Thanksgiving though. :wink: :slight_smile:


@GeorgeTichy I had to take a second look, checked with my ophthalmologist to make sure I’m seeing what I’m seeing. I’m sure I’m not having visual hallucinations because I know I lot about hallucinations but…. But did the @webEd make a concession by extending this thread for another week in hopes of opening a dialogue with you? Just like in tennis, I’m waiting with bated breath how you would react.

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Oh man, this is not really a conversation, it’s more a collection of statements. Actually, I don’t think that I have much more to say anyway. And tomorrow is the last day - though I can see that conversations will now be open for 14 days. Which is certainly a good progress in the right direction. It will certainly benefit those people who participate in the conversations here.


If posters want to share LGT, and right wing political views, I have no problem. If this is truly a spectrum of ideas, then room needs to be made for all.

If one looks at the article content here, it is exclusively left wing politically, and largely conservative Adventist theologically, particularly in the sabbath school. That, in and of itself, can set up a restriction of ideas, and communicates what is safe to share. Have we ever seen content space given to a well reasoned stance that speaks on controlling immigration and the borders, or why the LGBT agenda can’t be supported biblically? Not a chance. And, I personally lean more to the liberal side on these issues.

Also, sabbath school content is mostly a reiteration of Adventist talking points…rarely challenging the status quo. It is an odd content mix.



This is why, in order to have any relevance, the site management needs to be neutral. The problem becomes astronomic when the site becomes skewed in any direction. I have no problem with people posting opposite opinions, and let the discussion keep going.

By the way, is Frankmer7 in any way associated with Fulcum7?.. Now even Spectrum7 moved up to Spectrum14… :joy::joy:



And let’s be glad that we (still) celebrate it in a Democracy and not in a Dictatorship. Though Jan 6th was a very close call! :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:


How can you even wonder?


Thank you @PapaAfful for including me. I have been mostly absent over the last year, not for anything more than a lack of time. I do occasionally read the comments and vicariously catch up with family but seldom comment.

I do miss the banter and the challenge to dig deeper, and think and write with more clarity. Thank you all for the interaction and the growth.


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