In This Moment

“I know this happiness is provisional: …but ineluctable this shimmering / of wind in the blue leaves.”[1] —Denise Levertov

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I am mystified when a post such as yours–luminous and timely and strong, tempered by God’s fire into steely grace–lands without a buzzing wing or an eyeblink. Did anyone read this? I wonder. Well, I did and I appreciate the care you always bring, with substance and style. Thanks.

Here’s something in a similar vein from the realm of music as Carrie Newcomer imagines what “afterlife” was like for Lazarus. Enjoy.

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Thanks, Chris, I appreciate your kind words. I was disappointed, I’ll admit! But it’s getting a good reception on LinkedIn with more than 200 hits in a couple of days. That’s always a more receptive audience than here on Spectrum. Ah well, onward and upward, eh? And thanks for the Lazarus lyrics too!

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Read it for the 2nd time.

“If Jesus raised Lazarus, why can’t he prevent the COVID-19 victims from dying? Wrong question.
Raising Lazarus is a sign of wonders to come. Jesus does it as a warning and a blessing. In John’s Gospel, Jesus heals, forgives sins, feeds thousands — all signs that we might believe that God sent him.”

Thank you for that answer.


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