Inauguration for Union College President Vinita Sauder Set for March 5

Union College issued the following release today concerning President Vinita Sauder:

Union College will install Vinita Sauder, Ph.D., as the 29th president of Union College in a special installation ceremony on March 5, 2015, at 10:30 a.m. in the College View Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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I would imagine that the !$! grant from AHS for the business school is recognition for her business acumen. Go Vinita!

Trust the Process.

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Investment in people is the greatest thing institutions can do.
An institution invested in me at the maturing age of 17. Sponsored me through 3 years of nursing school. I ended up working [supervised the nursing home, taught several classes] there a total of 30 years.
The Kellogg brothers, W.K. and John Harvey received special attention from James and Ellen White. Both became famous. Both outgrew the SDA church administrative officials at that time, unfortunately.


Vinita is allowed to be in charge of this huge complex, and oversee this huge number of persons who contribute to its success. She also oversees this huge budget.

However, if she would decide to get a MDiv or other similar degree, she would be said to be Incompetent to be a pastor of any SDA church in the World. Incompetent because she has the wrong combination of body hormones.


Someone is dropping the ball.
How come women are becoming university presidents now?
How come women are invading the educational field?
How come those un-ordainable women are being allowed to be in any position of power?
Someone is indeed dropping the ball.


That ball got dropped long ago for Adventists, beginning w/ Ellen White. What we’re seeing is weird denial on the part of some who refuse to acknowledge her leadership, & in fact, that of many women in Adventist history.