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Thank you very much for this. My six words for Spectrum are Spirit, Independent, Thoughtful, Journalism, Community and finally Adventist.
I must say I appreciate the work of Spectrum very much especially in the times in which we live. Spectrum is like an oasis in a desert characterised by confusion, corruption, hypocrisy and double standards . Spectrum stands out like a beacon in its quest for journalistic independence and its thought-provoking articles, In the current Adventist world where so many things are going woefully wrong, Spectrum has it very right,. I look forward to the numerous articles posted here always in anticipation of the diverse responses.
I can appreciate Spectrum even more especially as it educates readers to issues and events that are timely, important and very relevant.
I can remember some years ago when as a youth I heard about the late Robert Falkenberg (Senior) scandal. My father related to me his own experience with the then first elder of our church. Divine service having just concluded, the first elder, my dad and about two others who were officiating in the service , made their way downstairs to the children’s department. While the other two persons had their own cionversation, my dad said the elder folded a letter in three, printed on both sides - just enough for him to see a brief section of that issue. He refused to let my dad see the full contents of the letter which provided details about the issues surrounding Folkenberg. Within seven days of that incident, we would learn more concerning Folkenberg and his subsequent resignation.

Why do I mention this?

The elder’s behaviour is very typical of many Seventh Day Adventist leaders, An issue arises and rather than trying to educate the membership about the issue with honesty and sincerity, many leaders are content to conceal the matter, deny its existence, vilify the individuals who were responsible for raising it and offering suggestions or solutions to rectify the problem or issue.

Spectrum stands out prominently in its attempts to provide education, balanced journalism, critical thinking and accountability. Well done Spectrum! Continue to shine as a beacon. I am reminded of Walter Rea’s poem- The Race of Life, his concluding remarks in Pirates of Privilege. These words( final five verses) `are very appropriate !

When you stand all alone at the setting of sun

And the reckoning of time is all through

May the Savior of men who reviews your whole life

Be the one that to Him you’ve been true.

For the vote of the crowd has no meaning or form

In the race that we run among men.

But the goal that we seek and the prize we obtain

Is the crown we may win in the end.

Not the shout of the crowd or the curses of men

Are the forces that finish the race,

But the test of a life when its lifetime is through

Is to seek and obtain His rich grace.

For you know there was good and you sense there was bad

In a mix that was conditioned by time…

But you pray as you sit with your memories alone

That the good will not end up all crime.