Injustice: The Struggle for Equality for Female Pastors in the Seventh-day Adventist Church

Cute worldly “Jokes” She! Opens the pearly gates! Wow, that just goes to show you, how the world thinks about “GOD” they make JOKES about the Kingdom of Heaven! Save Me “JESUS”. For they Know Not What They Do!

Although your opinion is welcome here, you truly may be surprised about the female part of the Godhead. Just saying. No joke.


Wow! Is that the way you really see it? Really??? But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety.
1 Timothy 2:12-15. Folk Do We Flush This Down the Commode, or do we take heed to what it says!
Once again folks, there is no such thing as "CIVIL RIGHTS " in the Kingdom of “GOD”

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All you got to do is PROVE IT!

Is keeping your young people in the church in your top ten?


If it helps any, neither pastors as we understand them today nor the ordination of pastors to grant special status is biblical.

This is a good read:


If I May share this Commentary that I sent to the General Conference I say Thank you. If it is not permitted I meant no disrespect.

Have you considered that it took both Adam and Eve to create the image of God (Genesis 1:27)? This suggests that there are aspects of God that are female. If people insist on seeing the “Father” as male, and Jesus as male (he was born and lived as one, so that’s logical), then the Holy Spirit might be female? The OT has many images of God as a female. You do seem inclined to cherry-pick your texts.

I think all three members of the Godhead have what we think of as male and female characteristics. But that’s just my opinion.


The arguments from people who are opposed to women’s ordination are based on their particular exegesis of certain scripture. An appeal to fairness, equality, and justice doesn’t have effect on these persons because they believe that “true”, “Godly” fairness, equality, and justice accommodates different “roles” for men and women. They believe that true fairness, equality, and justice looks different than that described by the “corrupting influences of the world” - especially by current Western European/North American culture. Scripture is the plain on which you must meet these people as you challenge their interpretations of it. All other appeals are simply “preaching to the choir”.


A comment in another thread is applicable here.
Jesus nailed it succinctly: The religious leaders of the day ignored the beaten and robbed man lying on the road to Jericho. Maybe they were in a hurry get to Autumn Council in Jerusalem to give women the same treatment.


This repeats the error that the 2015 GC Session vote prohibits women serving as pastors. Pres.Ted Wilson himself has officially negated this mistaken claim:

“General Conference president Ted N.C. Wilson said Friday that a vote this week on the issue of women’s ordination meant ‘we maintain the current policy.’

"He said the vote has nothing to do with women being ordained as local elders, a practice based on church policy that has been in place for several decades.

"Furthermore, he said, the vote was not related to commissioned ministers, who can be male or female under the church’s policy.

“‘So let us be clear on what was voted on Wednesday,’ Wilson said. ‘We are now back to our original understanding, and I would strongly urge all to adhere by what has been voted. But do not place into the vote other things which were not listed in the vote. We need to be fair, we need to be open, and we all need to accept what is voted at a General Conference session.’”


There can be no civil rights in heaven, never was, never will because GOD is just and He gave all humans equality. When GOD created man and woman, they were both equal and in His likeness.


Women were made as helpers for the men. First, they were needed because the man was companionless (God wasn’t physically with him all day), there was no one to mate with and reproduce, neither talk, play or plan nor help with the garden. Next, they were accepted because GOD brought her to Adam and he named her. Today, men and women meet, they smile and converse. Then they were valued because before sin GOD spoke to them both commanding that they multiply and even after sinning, GOD spoke directly to Eve.
The Bible mentions Priestesses who were daughters of a Priest and since GOD is the one who chose whether a foetus became a male or a female, it should be seen as deliberate. Thus He made a statement that He equips, ordains, selects, guides and calls the humble, stirred and willing, not just males. The Bible has many examples of women GOD called to do things traditionally all males used to do as their rite/right.


This is one reason that at age 83, I am transitioning to Methodism.

The United Methodist Church has been ordaining their clergywomen since 1956.

The senior pastor at the church I attend is a woman, as is the local conference president, and the Bishop ( equivalent to Union Conference President in Adventism. )

There is no division, dissension nor disruption over gender equality ( WO ) in Methodism.

In addition they are actively seeking to be more inclusive, loving and accepting of their LGBT members.

What is not to like???


This is focused mainly on traditional and familial roles of women. In the church, women are disciples, followers, members, saints, citizens of heaven, of royal priesthood, a chosen generation, part of the holy nation and sinners like the men. They do not have to be called up to HIM because they are not saviors or else they wouldn’t need saving by Jesus.


None of the gifts of the Spirit are restricted to men only. Rather they are given as the Spirit choose and not man. God is no respecter of persons. God runs an upside-down kingdom where the least are the greatest and the last first. If anything, this should put many more women into leadership than men.



What do you think of Huldah? Chief priest and four or five of the King’s scribes, sent to a woman for spiritual messages. According to the Scriptures, Huldah communicated directly and comprehensively God’s word. No silence there.


If God gives you authority, then you are not usurping it. Notice it is also “a woman” not “woman” in general. It was counsel to a particular situation.


Yes, with Methodists, ALL are Welcome at the Table.
Same with a number of Baptist Groups [other than Southern
Baptist] who Welcome ALL at the Table. Have 4 large Baptist
churches in Macon that are ALL-Welcoming. And quite a number
throughout Georgia.
Episcopalians are NOT the only ones All Welcoming to the
Table, and to the Ministry – men and women equally.


In which case God can take his heaven and go to hell with it because I want no part of a heaven that doesn’t place equal value on all of its inhabitants. Jus’ sayin’ lol