Inter-America’s International Research Conference Focuses on Rethinking Adventist Education

Hundreds of researchers, educators, and students across Seventh-day Adventist Universities in Inter-America met during the 4th International Research Conference held online March 10-13. The event, which was hosted this year by Colombian Adventist University, in Medellín, Colombia, provided a space for the group to share their research findings and projects in an effort to share knowledge and showcase developments and innovation for the Adventist educational system across the territory.

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Is Rethinking Adventist Education Really What We Need?

Recently, the International Research Conference of the Inter-American Division was held under the auspices of the Adventist University of Colombia.

I confess that the title Rethinking Adventist Education powerfully caught my attention. The fact that I worked for many years as a Communications and Social Sciences teacher, plus the fact that I am currently a Sabbath School teacher in the Church, are valid reasons for this.
I have not had access to the hundreds of research findings and 200 research projects conducted by educators and students at Adventist universities with the goal of sharing knowledge and showcasing developments and innovation for the Adventist educational system.

The only access that I have had to what happened in Congress I have obtained through what was published on Facebook on March 13, 2021, including some papers or conferences that among other things spoke of the effects of the pandemic, mission and challenges in the Church; the need to meet differently; a look at education from God’s perspective; Isaiah’s Sabbath School lesson and the need to maintain the identity of the church.

Objectively speaking the title of the Congress was correctly selected.

To rethink means: “to think about something again and to do it with reflection and care.” That is apparently what happened in Congress and the Closing summed up.

The closing presentations recycled religious concepts already known and of constant discussion, specifically excluding proposals for redefining or innovating Adventist education in our Academies and in the Sabbath school lesson.

Certainly we must congratulate those who worked technologically in Congress. They did their excellent job and to the leaders of the Inter-American Division for selecting such a successful title.

To rethink is to leave things as they are. In 21st century postmodernism, Jesus invites us to the Reformation. I hope that the research of an innovative nature will be published in the coming days.

If they don’t, unfortunately the Inter-American Division wants to keep rethinking.

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