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Oy! Is George Allen a self-hating Jew? Jspot posts video of "Gevalt" Allen doing an angry, sputtering discussion of his heritage. Jew lover Mik Moore supplies sharp analysis: "This can only mean that he felt that the reporter was insulting him, or his mother, by talking about their Jewish ancestry. Coming right at the end of his remarks, it revealed that his alleged anger over the reporter’s disdain for the first amendment was a cover for what he was really angry about: being outed in front of his constituents as the son of a Jew."It's a values smackdown over at Beliefnet. Jim Wallis and Ralph Reed dialoging this week on the new God's Politics blog. Wallis states: "The Religious Right has now lost control of the evangelical political agenda and here’s why."

Chuck Currie answers the question: according to the beliefs of your religion whats sorts of electronic material should not be found on the internet?

Posting for CrossLeft, Big Daddy Weave points out that Calvinism is on the rise in the Southern Baptist Convention.

For Talk to Action, Frederick Clarkson welcomes Sen. Danforth to the fold. Apparently Sen. Danforth confesses:"Maybe I was obtuse. . . But in my own mind, it didn't have the urgency until the Schiavo case. In the past year or so, what was maybe a general interest of Robertson and others in politics and one particular issue, namely abortion, has been transformed into something much more detailed and much more a full-fledged political agenda."Islamicate writes on Packer's New Yorker profile of Taha. And also weighs in on the Pope's recent comment. As does City of Brass, saying: "apology accepted, but the damage is done."

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