Intersection TV: Personal Witness in a Facebook World

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Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Friendster...there are more and more social networks popping up online everyday. So should our way of reaching people change with the times? Our panel discusses the benefits, opportunities--and potential pitfalls--of sharing our faith through the electronic media. And how the electronic age is transforming our response to the command to go "into all the world."

Panelists: Bryan Collick: Assistant director, Communication department, Seventh-day Adventist world church; Dave Gemmell: Associate director, Church Resource Center, Adventist Church in North America; Mark Kellner: News editor, Adventist Review.

Also Included: Interview with Danny Houghton, President of TAGnet, and with Pardon Mwansa, General Vice-President, Seventh-ady Adventist world church

A production of Intersection: Your Faith. Your World.

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