Interview with Adventist Pastor in Ukraine

Pastor Valentin Zahreba, working in the Ukrainian Union shares some of what he has experienced. He talks also about the removal of the Ukrainian Union from the Euro-Asia Division. His daughter Alona published videos of their experiences during the siege of Mariupol.

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A shaking “Mission Story”. A story stimulating prayers and compassion. A mission story just out of the “daliy news” !!


they’re also being perceived vastly differently…where i’m at, it’s not unusual to see Ukrainian flags draped from front doors and windows, and flying alongside Canadian flags…many cars are sporting Ukrainian flags…

totally no-one is displaying any Russian flags…instead, Russia is steadily developing an odious reputation…i don’t see this turning around quickly, even if the war ended tomorrow…


Thanks for your feedback

Thank you Alona and Pr Valentin for sharing your witness of survival and hope. My prayers feel like an inadequate response to the suffering you and so many around you are experiencing.
The human capacity for evil is unrelenting. Thankfully our hope is even greater. Though it’s hard to see how or when this evil war will be resolved.


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