Iraq fiasco continues to hurt Adventist community

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"'Yes, some are still leaving [Iraq] from our church,' said Pastor Basim Fargo, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Iraq. 'Of course, those who are leaving are [educated], well-to-do; those who are staying are poor people who cannot afford to leave."'

Apparently the Adventist church membership in Iraq has halved since the invasion in 2003. And for those who still think that inflamatory religious rhetoric and mismanaged "peace" do not affect the mission of Adventism:

"'The declaration of the Pope has caused a bit of opposition and an unhappy situation [for Christians] with the people in the country,' Fargo said. 'This ignited a fire in the country. . . . . The situation that is in the country will not allow us to practice our services freely. It is not safe to go [out] from home,' he said. 'We are meeting every Sabbath, but it is very difficult. We expect an explosion any time during the day."'

Who's responsible for these quotes? That really partisan outfit, Adventist News Network.

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