Is God Still With Us?

“Is God still with us?” Or is He just another story from our childhood, a comforting tradition from our past? This question I increasingly ask as I age must have haunted the Hebrews enslaved in Egypt. Oppressed by taskmasters, their sons targeted by Pharaoh, their one hero, Moses, exiled to the Arabian Desert for murder, they had reason to wonder, “Is the God of our father Abraham still with us?”

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I had a friend who believed that if he wore his hat sideways, he would catch more fish.

This is the same type of “reasoning” that allows superstitious people to see some sort mysterious connect between between the sanctuary in heaven, and god’s presence here on earth.

In fact, it’s even less logical than that.

If we’re willing to listen rather than talk we can experience our maker directly, anytime, anywhere.

While there is no evidence to show that the heavenly sanctuary even exists as we have nothing but 2,000 years worth of ancient hearsay passed through who knows how many rounds of the game of “Grapevine”, along with the utterly unverifiable word of EGW, to even hint at its “reality “.


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