Is Public Shaming the Christian Way?


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Community through Conversation

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And this happens when the “rules” are not repeatedly broken…and thus he is gone.


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And isn’t this the whole crux of what is tearing Adventists apart at this moment?

Rules versus First Principals?

I leave you the last word.

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No…I don’t see it that way. It isn’t that you don’t have a point but I think you are commenting coming from a “feeling” place more than anything. And this is your prerogative.

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@Cassie, you’re taking screenshots from two different places. One is how Discourse displays information within a comment section, the other is how it displays information on a profile. This individual’s permanent ban remains the same. If you have concerns with how the information is displayed and why different information appears in different places, we request you take that up with Discourse directly.

Additionally, though we do not discuss the reasons for someone’s suspension or ban with anyone but the individual, we will say that stating he was “officially shunned for bringing up things Adventists would rather not think about” is false. Everyone is expected to abide by our commenting policy. If they cannot, multiple conversations, warnings, and suspensions ensue before we permanently ban someone.