Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Trustworthy? A Biblical Conversation About Science

The North American division sponsors COVID-19 symposium to air on Hope Channel, YouTube, Facebook.

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it’s kind of unbelievable that this conversation is even necessary…sadly, at least some of our church members appear to be susceptible to right wing conspiracy theories…


I applaud this initiative to educate members and provide the means for all individuals to make balanced choices based on their own individual needs. The decision to be vaccinated or not can literally represent the difference between life or death for many, and good information will always help make better choices. We must never succumb to or surrender our individual decision making power to mass media and politically biased interests.


this probably isn’t going to help…willful resistance to covid vaccines, like the idea of a stolen presidential election, has become a GOP talking and convergence point, facilitated by FOX and many, if not all, GOP elected officials…the “issue” is everything from a secret get-rich plot to hoard the vaccine market, on the part of bill gates, to manipulation of the media by george soros…around 45% of republicans, all of whom have turned against dr. fauci, believe they’re standing up for their independence, and don’t plan on being vaccinated against covid:

this staggering percentage has the potential to prevent the type of herd immunity that will enable america to return to normal…


Like gdavidovic, I also applaud the initiative. With the vaccine experiment taking place in real time we will eventually see the results. I am curious why the symposium does not include Dr. Neil Nedley. Maybe because his specialties are in other areas.
Freedom to choose a vaccine is an important issue. “My body, My choice” definitely applies here. I can certainly understand the distrust of many. We have observed for over a year now how the CDC and Fauci have waffled unprofessionally, and how the U.S. democrat government and teachers unions have shown tremendous scandalous actions with illegal and deceptive election processes, deceptive goals for the country, a total failure in securing our southern border, casting aside the education for our young people, and absolute failure to investigate the virus origin from China and holding them morally and financially responsible for their faults. The symposium may only be addressing a symptom of the real problems that have resulted in the “trustworthy” question.

Interesting 45% reference you state. The reference to Anti-vaxxers is in no way accurate since choosing to avoid one vaccine does not mean a person has never been vaccinated or never will. The term is simply name calling in an attempt to demean another. I recently heard a report from a study that showed only 25% of republicans are refusing to participate in the vaccine experiment and a larger number of those not choosing to participate are from those who simply feel that they don’t need the vaccine because they are not in the high risk category. The studies have come out showing that only those with very weak immune systems will likely have major issues with the virus. So, who are they? Elderly, obese, and those recently overcoming or being treated for illnesses. My calculations (scientifically) tell me to skip the experiment. Will I participate in the vaccine experiment? HIPAA, HIPAA, HOORAY!

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this was certainly true at one time…but the rise of variants has changed the picture somewhat…there are people 40 and younger who are now dying of covid…the elderly are largely vaccinated, and so aren’t dying as much anymore:

and it isn’t just about getting covid…its also about spreading it, and making things less safe for others…

as for the way things have lined up politically, it’s a fact…there’s huge anti-vaccine and anti-mask sentiment with republicans…even trump hid the fact that he was vaccinated (he couldn’t quite hide the fact that he had severe covid, and was administered life-saving treatments unavailable to others at the time)…


I have still decided to do my part. I am participating in the U.S. Covid19 vaccine trial or experiment. I’m part of the control group who won’t be getting the vaccine and am happy to do my part. :innocent:

you’ll probably be OK if you’re basically healthy, and located in an area where others have been vaccinated…

here in calgary, we’re part of the worst outbreak of covid in n. america at the present time…we have a lot of canadian wannabe republicans who have fought the government tooth and nail on universal masking and social distancing, and society’s paying the price - edmonton’s GraceLife church is only one small example…so yes, i’m doing my part, and hopefully receiving my 2nd vaccination in a few days…

and no, my DNA isn’t being altered, nor do i don’t think the government will be able to track me, nor am i receiving the mark of the beast…but i am reducing my chances of getting and spreading covid…


Make that a TON of our church members - most of whom self-identify as conservatives. Judging from subsequent comments, some of them, clearly, are here among us.

Ummm…the initial viral load upon infection is a big factor in how severe the infection becomes. There are means of protecting against that, but many scoff at those means. And, tragically, there are many with very weak immune systems who have been led to believe that concerns are grossly overstated. I know people personally who have lost elderly family members because of their convictions that the virus was either harmless or a hoax.


Just wondering why you did not mention that the newer variants are showing to not be as dangerous but are easily spread.

If people that are in the higher risk category take their chances they will certainly increase their risk of illness or worse. That is what our God given freedom allows. In the case of those that wish to exercise their God given freedoms and not wear useless masks and not maintain distances then so be it. The truth that is often not spoken is that if the virus is within your breathing space you will have the virus go into your system, regardless of a mask. Distance is the only protector, and maybe the vaccine. The N95 mask pore size is .3 micron, whereas the virus size is .03 micron, figure that out for mask protection.
The best defense is your immunity system. Help it with zinc, vitamin c, d, etc. If one gets the virus get the ivermectin medication which is easily available by telemed. I have all the telemed info in case anyone near me or myself need it. The ivermectin medication is proven, numerous studies and numerous physicians, to be very effective. This whole virus experience is what it is and we just have to deal with it, live or die with it.

well, it isn’t because i’m conspiring against society by trying to control them through the media by providing false information or withholding true information…in reality, the UK variant, which is the most common variant in n. america, is believed to be not only more easily transmissible, but also more lethal:

more recent studies that don’t confirm increased lethality for the UK variant don’t appear to take into account the fact that because older people are more likely to be vaccinated now, hospitalized patients are younger, and less likely to die, which would have been the case proportionally more so before the advent of the UK variant (in other words, the UK variant is still more lethal even if absolute death numbers are declining now)…

to me, it just makes sense that the more people that covid circulates through, the more it’s going to be reproducing…and the more it reproduces, the more it’s going to mutate…the more it mutates, the more chances there are going to be that something more transmissible and lethal is going to emerge…

obviously the best strategy is to keep covid from reproducing, which means increasing vaccinations…


Truth IS freedom. Ivermectin does, indeed, have good evidence to back it up. But masks DO help. Vaccines DO help. And the more virus that goes into your system, the greater the risk. Living and dealing with the virus is no different than driving a vehicle - safeguards like seatbelts, speedbelts, and passing lanes exist, though some folks will always complain about impingements on their “freedom.” They’re free to do that.

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OOPS! Masks do NOT help. See the recent Stanford study that shows that following the science is to not wear them and better results prove it. There is way too much validation to list here, but the masks only are slightly helpful if changed every 30 minutes. Any of the virus sitting on the mask for a short length of time eventually gets sucked into the inhaling process because about 10 of them can fit through 1 pore of the N95 mask and many more can fit through the pores of the cloth masks (as found with a Google search). This should be nothing new to our nation by now since the info has been reported verbally, documented in various writings and studies, and has been figured out basically with common sense and logic.

Below is from Masks –Civil LibertiesSimone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM
“The pore size of cloth face coverings range from ~ 20-100 microns. The Covid virus is 200-1000x smaller than that, at 0.1 microns. Putting up a chain link fence will not keep out a mosquito. Even the most esteemed medical journals admit their purpose is to calm anxiety.”
And one more link:

You chose to bring up seatbelts in comparison with masks. LOL, Sorry, not even close to being applicable. Our U.S. Constitution addresses the subject of face covering, but not torso safety gear.


What right wing conspiracy are you referring? Are you suggesting that all people must take this experimental biological agent or they are not good citizens? We must take it for the common good? Why not encourage our health message and the 8 laws of health instead of pharmacia?

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Are you suggesting that you will consider taking this vaccine when it is fully approved.?

there are many and continually forming right wing conspiracies…the biggest one, of course, is that the presidential election of last year was stolen from trump, when in reality he lost the election fair and square, both in the popular vote and the electoral college…

another conspiracy is that the storming of the capitol on Jan 6 was a normal tourist excursion, but that BLM individuals turned things violent…

still another conspiracy is that the covid vaccines are the means by which the government, run by democrats, are seeking to control the world, and everybody in it…

practically all of conservatism, outside of liz cheney, is now awash in conspiracy theories of some kind…they’ve totally destroyed their credibility outside their tightly knit group…leadership is unable to avert what looks like a certain train wreck in the making…it will be surprising if conservatives don’t ultimately fracture…

yes i am…unless you’re living on a deserted island somewhere, you owe people you meet the protection that only vaccines provide…even if you become infected but don’t become sick yourself, you cannot stop passing it to someone else unless you stay away from them, or become vaccinated…that’s the reality of this virus…

i think everyone should follow our health message, in addition to becoming vaccinated…this isn’t an either/or situation…keep in mind that if you live in a populated area and don’t become infected, it’s because others have consented to be vaccinated, which means you’re free-loading off of them…it’s not a responsible position to be in…


Really? You bought that story? The truth has not even been addressed with any judge or court yet. Not one hearing has been conducted. The “no standing” cop out was just to avoid dealing with the truth. There is way too much evidence to verify that illegal activity took place. In fact, the states have conducted illegal election procedures by by-passing their legislators. The state legislators are the absolutely only government body that can alter election rules. Anyone who has been paying attention would know this.
Vandieman, I challenge you to watch Absolute Proof or other truthful and factual video’s. No conspiracies here. However, Lindell does get too long winded with his air time, if you can put this aside.

Here’s what is known The so called vaccine fails to meet the medical definition of vaccine It should be referred to as gene therapy which has never been used on humans 'til now. The FDA has not now nor can it approve this gene therapy because it has not being tested for safety in animal studies Humans are being used as “laboratory test subjects” which is in contravention of the Nuremberg Code There it states that humans trials can only be conducted after animal safety studies have demonstrated it may be a safe procedure and then a limited trial on humans may proceed. This process will take years to complete.The last time this type of human experimentation occurred was in Nazi Germany under Hitler. And the world knows all about that diabolical plan to develop the “superior race” It is the responsibility of the medical profession to report injuries caused by any drug or procedure immediately and trials must immediately suspended. There have been thousands of registered injuries as well as deaths In Canada alone 50 deaths have been linked to these therapies. The future side effects will not be known for years and by that time it will be uncoupled from these injections .The former VP and chief scientist of allergy and respiratory disease at Pfizer predicts some dire consequences in the coming years including infertility both men and women. His claim is that this plandemic is not about the virus it is an experiment in gaining control of the world by separating people from each other through fear and misinformation You have to concede it’s working.
There are proven therapies being used extensively around the world that is receiving little mainstream coverage I’m referring to both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin There are many doctors here and globally prescribing these medications which are both effective in preventing and treating this flu. Why are doctors who are treating patients with these medications being harassed. Some have lost their privileges and told that they can’t treat with these meds by the hospital medical officers because it will impact their funding by big pharma. You-tube has many entries on the success of Ivermectin both as prevention and treatment The only problem is it relatively inexpensive and the drug companies are waging an all out effort to make sure the mainstream media does not mention it or it may affect their advertising revenue
My question to everyone is why would you sacrifice your future health on an experimental unproven and potentially harmful therapy that DOES NOT give you immunity nor prevent you from transmitting this virus to others If you’re worried about the flu, try improving your immune system with immune boosters like Vit D3, Vit C zinc And find a doctor who will treat you with Ivermectin .My final comment is that if you can’t or don’t want to see this plandemic as an
orchestrated plan to control the world by multiple satanic forces and agencies then you are not seeing the “signs of the times” Satan’s attempt to gain control of humanity is through lies and fear and God’s way is through love and freedom. Satan has taken away your freedom and in that state, love cannot exist
Dave Okamura