“It’s A Man’s Man’s World” Video Satire

When I arrived at WholeLife SDA Church to join the videotaping, I was surprised to see all the cameras, lights, technicians, electrical cords, microphones, and other equipment that had taken over a large Sabbath School room. I could easily imagine I was walking onto the set of a TV sitcom. In addition, there were at least 20 other members of the congregation who had agreed to assist or become actors for a day. What followed was about six hours of practice, bloopers, laughter, slaps on the back, re-taping, and serious concentration.

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Very interesting. Will it move the consciences of the men in charge?

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As entertaining as satire may be, it does a poor job of re-shaping those who cherish the points of view in question. It may even work to further harden and alienate those who hold to those beliefs. I doubt that anyone’s intent in making and sharing this video is to harden and alienate; but what, then, is the goal?

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I’m not really sure that these people deserve to feel less alienated than the women that they alienate.

I think that “parable satire” is a lot less confrontational way to deal with a subject that can get much more confrontational.

In the very least, this video would break the ice to serve as some conversation starter on this subject.


One could only hope and pray that it might open up a crack in what is otherwise some hard hearts and heads.

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both sides are praying and claiming some with hard hearts and heads
tho its a mexican prayer off and nothing else

the defining point will be those who stand up in the WORD

Of course…the “WORD”.

BTW…you probably meant “Mexican Standoff” instead of “prayer”. We can’t blame “Mexican prayers” on this fiasco. :wink:

Hi efcee,

Let me take a stab at some potential valid reasons for creating such a video, even if it does not convince or even hardens the position of those on the other side.

  1. If we hold an issue to be both true and important, then quietly disappearing is not an option. If we hold equality in Christ to be theologically true and ecclesiologically important and we believe that the construct that keeps women subjugated is a creation of humanity and not biblically sound then it would be spiritual cowardice to sit silently on the sidelines.
  2. When two sides are entrenched on an argument, the public argument is not for the purpose of convincing the opposition as much as it is to speak to those who have not yet decided where they stand and to encourage them to join the conversation.
  3. Since the SDA denomination is ultimately a democratic institution, convincing an oppositional leadership is less important than informing the electorate.
  4. This might be the most important reason. Those who have been disenfranchised need to be affirmed and know that there is a place and a people of God that welcomes them, their talents and their call.

Thanks for posting this. The video was straight to the point, but alas I doubt it will change minds. Meanwhile I hope our women ministers feel understood and supported.


I used a generic term not blaming

Yes, much time, talent and money went into the making of this satire video.
Unfortunately it totally misses the mark as relates to the real problem.
The problem is not women’s ordination.
The problem is Roman Catholic Ordination!

Read Protestant Reformation history.
Name one well know Reformer that did not reject Roman Catholic Ordination.
The issue is why has the SDA Church rejected one of the foundation principles of the reformation?

Roman Catholic Ordination creates a natural schism between the laity and clergy resulting in a perceived elevation of spiritual superiority of the clergy over the laity. This organizational abomination has created the building of a hierarchical structure that looks like the Papal church government without the supreme authority vested in the Pope.

But you say the SDA Church has a Representative form of church government which recognizes that authority in the church rests in the church membership.

REALLY? When was the last time you attended a church board, business, nominating committee or state conference constituency meeting run by a pastor or conference president that has served in their position for seven or more years?

During those seven years any pastor or conference president that has a desire to control, who has guided three nomination cycles will give him total control over that congregation. Just as the conference president has total control over the pastors and conference employees he has hired.

How has this happened? One, the SDA church ordained leaders have ignored the guidance of E.G. White and Two, the Resolution of the General Conference, while in session, to place time of service in a president’s or pastor’s position at 6 or 7 years.

Have you ever served on a local church “new pastor” search committee? What were the result of the search committee’s effort? Did you get the pastor the committee wanted or a pastor that the conference president wanted? The committee members were all excited about finding the right pastor for their church then realized their time and efforts were in vain.

Have you ever been to a state conference constituency meeting where there was to be a vote to replace or re-elect the president? Did it occur to you that there was no search committee, that had been working for three months, report just one or two names? Wasn’t even stranger that conference employees out numbered the local church constituents? Wasn’t even stranger still that there was no secret ballot rather voting was done by standing in front of the president their boss?

SDA Roman Catholic Ordination of pastors is a political process.
Are you aware of any uniform written guidelines that must be followed by all conferences? If so, please post a link for all to see. Power corrupts, over time a conference president driven by the desire to control has absolute power. This system selects leaders at each level of the hierarchy.

But do not despair there is a solution in fact you can find it in the bible. Fortunately there are congregations that follow the biblical guidelines when members lay their hands on individuals, females or males, deemed to have the qualifications to serve in a church position. They are ordained to serve in that position for a specific period of time. Then the individual may be asked to serve in another position for which she or he is qualified.

There are Unions in the world that have repudiated the practice of Roman Catholic Ordination in favor of the biblical practice of laying hands on individuals to serve in a specific ministry or office.

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