Italian Pastor Turned Novelist Searches for Wider Audience

Rolando Rizzo, who recently published his fourth novel, with an Adventist publishing house, has been called the Italian John Steinbeck. But he has had no success so far in finding an English-language publisher.

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Rolando Rizzo has used his literary talent in the form of text to express ideas, thoughts, images and information that can inspire us. For as many different types of books and published writings there are in the world, there are as many different types of authors that have many motivations to write them. I was particularly impressed with Rizzo’s:
“My dream is that my narrative work, especially my first novel, could gain access to a larger market, and thus help my daughter.”.

There are various types of writers and many paths to choose from. Rizzo has chosen an extraordinary journey.This requires dedication and patience. I wish for you and your daughter the “good success” (Joshua 1:8) that God wants you both to have.


Maybe that’s because many of our publishing houses still remember why the Review and Herald burned more than 100 years ago. Our publishing houses should not be printing fiction, and our members shouldn’t be writing it. We have good counsel on that subject.

Probably the MOST FAMOUS SDA novelist was Josephine Cuttington Edwards. I used to read her books and her periodical stories in grade school and high school.
Years later, after her pastor husband died, she moved to Laurelbrook for a number of years teaching upper division English which also included teaching writing skills.
She was also “part time pastor” for our congregation.
Her book “Who Will Hold the Latern” was the story of 2 former Laurelbrook husband-wife staff who went to Cuyamel, Honduras [a small village on the Gulf coast] and did dentistry.
Across the street were two doctors, [one of them wife was an RN I knew who was a charge nurse at Madison College as a student nurse] Florence held the latern for light while the doctors did an emergency surgery at night. 6 months after I graduated I had opportunity to visit there for a month and assist with “jungle surgery”.
She also wrote another adventure book of grandfather of one of Laurelbrook staff, Bessie Baker. Kinda of a “Western”.

I don’t know how I can remember some things and not others, but I remember in the early 1960s John Waller, English professor ( from Andrews, I think. I was then at AUC) presented a paper which revealed, among other things, that Ellen White collected various stories that she came across and included them in her notebooks. Some of these stories were fictional.


Does not your own theology require that Luke 16: 19 - 31 be treated as fictional.

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Rolando, my heart goes out to you and your family. Perhaps Signs Publishing Company, the Australian Adventist publishing house would be interested in publishing your books.

I did not receive one single answer. I have also received this disrespect from church leaders with whom I attempted to communicate. Sad state of affairs.