Jacob the Trickster

This week the Adult Bible Study Guide draws our attention to what scholars call the Jacob Cycle in Genesis 25–30. Narratively paired and thematically contrasted, Jacob, along with his slightly older twin Esau, are characters who provide a case study in subversion and power. Esau, the firstborn, is physically strong and is the natural inheritor of the patriarchal spoils. In the story, Jacob is weak but wily. The lesson continues:  

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I very much enjoyed the rabbi’s remarks in the video…insightful.

I really enjoyed this topic!
I just finished a book which deals with the first brothers’ relationship: The Triumph of Good: Cain, Abel and the End of Marxism by Thomas Cromwell. (Amazon)

It unapologetically presents the earlier Cain/Abel paradigm as a novel way to understand the cause, effect and solution to our current world crisis as it pertains to the enveloping evil which is successfully encroaching every aspect of our freedom. If you thought the end of godless communism had passed, this book will show you it is alive and well, growing ever stronger!

Mr. Cromwell’s effort to guide us through the vast, complex machinations of evil is to be lauded, and studied by anyone believing in God’s providence. It gave me new hope in seeing a way forward on the path of goodness.
Highly recommended.

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