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This week past week, AdventHealth was in the news—along with a number of other health care systems—for suspending its employee COVID-19 vaccine mandate in response to court cases that are under review. On this week’s episode of the Adventist Voices podcast, I talk with Jason Hines, JD, PhD, assistant professor of ethics, law, policy, and religion at AdventHealth University. We discuss the pause in the mandates, religious liberty, the Supreme Court, and the Christian concept of sacrifice.

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Just History - and its (quite questionable ) revival. In Germany smallpox vaccination just since Virchow was obligatory and enforced by heavy threats of fines up to jail. Austria followed after 1938 until up to 1977

.We kids and our parents were judged by looking about our vaccination scars in the Summer camp: WE oppose vaccination - this is our standard !! No scar : Good SDA family. Scar: of questionable standing in our “Church”. Parents paid their fines, went to jails - or bribed ( ! ) their physicans for fake (!) certificates - -well, when I was going to the USA in 1948 - smallpox vaccination was required - ok, in this case no sin. Being vaccinated with ten years is a horror. And Hans Fichtbergrer after his studies wanted to go to Cameroun as s a missionary - smallpox vaccination with 22 is the more horror, but in this case no sin - -

If you come to a hospital with a contaminated wound , maybe unconscious - you just get a tetanus vaccination - -


Wait, what? There is still a Christian concept of sacrifice? As in, being our brother’s/sister’s keepers? As in loving one another as we love ourselves, and praying for those who despitefully use us, therefore heaping coals of fire on their heads? As in Jesus saying in the middle of being crucified “Father forgive them for they know not what they are doing”? As in laying down one’s life for others? As in being a Good Samaritan? I think we need to hear MUCH more about Christian sacrifice (and conversely less about me me me and my so-called freedoms). Nationalism and Christ- following have so little in common, they should not get in bed together.


After listening to the recording, my take on this is that Jason Hines has a very limited comprehension and understanding of the U.S. Constitution. The responsibility I have as a Christian is to share God’s love and the freedom He has given us as believers. God’s wisdom can be seen in the development of our Constitution and all of its freedoms. It is quite clear and is not a living, breathing document of change.
Hines fails to see the legal ground in separation of church and state. All churches should avoid being the strong arm of the government who is using fear to coerce our citizens by way of “mandates” but have no legal and Constitutional right to do so.
Hines also shows a major failure in understanding the Supreme Court operations. He sees them as political rather than law upholders. I know that previous justices and about 3, sometimes 4 on the court are quite political but Trump did work on correcting that. Their job is to uphold our Constitution, and that is quite a battle because some highly populated cities have gone rogue as sin has eroded right into seeming to be wrong and wrong seeming to be right.
Hines also fails to comprehend the understanding of a Christian’s response of denial to humans that have received an injection that is supposedly to function as a vaccine, and are now demanding that the Christian allow him/herself to comply regardless of their researched concerns and commitments. It is similar to the blind insisting, even with force, on someone with vision to come and see what they see. The bottom line always comes to this, if the injection is a vaccine then the vaccinated are protected and do not need the un-injected to join them to make it work. The term “vaccine” has been used so much that many have no thought of questioning its qualifications to be labeled as such.
I too did not think with much wisdom when I was Hines age either. He will learn as life continues.

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I apologize, but it is a little difficult for me to follow your meaning within your comments. Are you comparing the smallpox vaccine with the injections of Gene Transfer Technology from J&J, Moderna, and Phizer for the Covid 19 virus? Are you meaning for all humans to be injected and that this will stop the Covid 19 and any variants?
How many smallpox vaccines are necessary to prevent contracting smallpox? Same question of polio.

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And while we are at it how about comparing the development and production times between various vaccines? I don’t often give ex-President Trump credit for accomplishment, but I am thankful that he put the weight of government behind the effort to develop the various COVID-19 vaccines.

Yes, Trump did push for a rush, but even after that I had my concerns about the quality and accuracy of any vaccines to work against this virus. Turns out my concerns have been validated and I am still waiting for a true vaccine. In the meantime other alternatives seem to function far better than the GTT’s, keeping people healthier and no variant development like the “vaccinated”. It is beginning to look like we should have allowed herd immunity to play its course naturally and push more use of Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamins C, D3, Zinc, Quercetin, and a few other therapeutics. Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been saved.

Isn’t your refusal to consider the COVID vaccines as “true” or “real” vaccines somewhat like an automobile aficionado refusing to accept the Tesla as an automobile because it doesn’t have a gasoline-powered engine?


:rofl: :rofl:
Humor is certainly healthy! Staying healthy so far with the true food and health remedies God has supplied.
I rented a Tesla once for a week. Really cool car. I just wonder what will happen to all the old batteries over a few years.

…maybe be assigned a place in junkyards or landfills along side of no-longer-useful gasoline engines

Nah, the metal is recyclable. Melted down and made into various metal formulas. Batteries are a different and more hazardous concern. But, anyway, getting off the subject now.

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Well, I am a smallpox - vaccine victim. .Now I have my polio, my -allways, when necessary - bossted tetanus vaccine, and my whole family (wife, sons and grandsons) are COVID - vaccinated - three times.

I do not want my family being responsible for passing on the pandemy as far as we can say after the quite short time available for testing, monitoring and making sound statistics !

Well, that is just what you want to hear : : "other alternatives seem ( ! ) to function far better than - - -keeping people healthier - - -Ivermectin, hydrochloroquine, vitamins C D3 Zinc Quercetin and a few other therapeutics - - - -

Inbeween we have letal outcomes from vitamin D overdosage ! And hydrochloroquine , heheh !

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I thought covid-19 is a glorified cold virus. We have known since forever there is no vaccine for the common cold because it mutates constantly. Is that why we have so many variants now. This also means that it is a “gift that keeps on giving” as it mutates. Now the powers that be are able to control the entire social order and the economy by shutting things down every time it mutates. We can only imagine shutting down the country every time a new cold virus emerges. Thanks to the “gain-of-function” meddling this cold virus is on steroids. And why is nobody paying attention to the natural immunity caused by having had COVID?


maybe because natural immunity is 5 times weaker than vaccine immunity:

and maybe also because natural immunity vs. death is still somewhat unpredictable:


the only thing that’s going to stop covid, in my view, given the whacky anti-vax mindset that’s out there, and that’s going nowhere, is a full-proof cure in inexpensive pill form…but that’s going to take a quantum advance in our medical knowledge and understanding, towards which the mRNA vaccinology - which is being developed for everything from colds to HIV - is likely a good first step…


Thanks for the up-to-the-minute research. I guess we should re-do all the measles, mumps, diphtheria, polio etc. :astonished:

Do you wonder if any of the links you have listed have any political motivation for their statements?
Do you wonder if any of the links you have listed have any connection to funds that would be pulled if they showed other true findings that would defy what is stated?
Do you have any idea of who Dr. Peter McCullouch is, what his studies and educational accomplishments are or who would pay him to say what he does?
What findings have you found that explain how and why natural immunity would fail in any of the above listings?

as a matter of fact i’ve noticed recently that McCullouch is finally being sued for covid misinformation…too bad, so sad:


Dr. Peter was right about one thing: the medical profession has been out to get him :sleepy: :cry: :crying_cat_face:


Do you wonder if any of the links you have listed have any political motivation for their statements?
Do you wonder if any of the links you have listed have any connection to funds that would be pulled if they showed other true findings that would defy what is stated?
Do you have any idea of who would pay Dr. Peter McCullough to say what he does?
What findings have you found that explain how and why natural immunity would fail in any of the above listings?
What would you say about the thousands of successes McCullough has had with the protocols he has prescribed? (proven science). Additionally, the successes that have resulted in great turn around from near death once a judge has intervened and ordered a hospital to allow the use of Ivermectin for humans? Those stories are very risky experiences as early intervention is best.
After reviewing your recently posted links I have not found any that list any failures of McCullogh’s protocol.
Have you researched the open records Pfizer was required to release containing the recorded harms to the many who have received their injection?