Jesus and His Women Lead the Way

EGW didn’t get this information from anyone else.

One question we should ask ourselves is, Why did God do what He did in Genesis Chapters 1 & 2? To get the answer we need to overview what are the overall, prime issues of the Bible. One is that there was conflict between God and Lucifer and a second is about God trying save the human race from eternal death. These provide the context for the Genesis creation events.

The top angel that God had made, Lucifer, decided to rebel against God (Isa 14:9- 14; Ezek 28). Many of the angels had joined Lucifer’s rebellion (Jude 6, Luke 8:30,32; Rev 16:14). This went as far as a war, that resulted in Lucifer (Satan) and his angels being confined to this planet.

The reason Satan and his angels were put on this planet was because the two people God had put here in charge of the planet had sinned after Satan’s temptation. If not for this Satan and his angels would have been destroyed.

Getting back to Adam and Eve before they fell, notice that God specifically told them to reproduce and fill the earth, Gen 1:28. Of special interest is that in Ps 8:5 we are told that Adam and Eve were made LOWER than the angels. Why mention that when they were obviously different to angels?

Jesus said that when He comes the redeemed would be made EQUAL to the angels. Why make us equal to the angels? Was it so that we could replace the fallen angels?

Jesus also said that there would be no more marriage, Luke 20:35,36. Marriage is the human term for the process of mating in order to have offspring, which is one reason they were made male and female. By saying that there would be no more marriage/mating Jesus is saying that He had the number of persons that He needed to replace the fallen angels, so there was no need for male and female beings.

For those who believe that EGW is a prophetess, what she wrote in The Truth About Angels in its first 48 pages clearly details the above Biblical framework.

I would urge those who are sceptical about EGW to be mindful that we all have sinful natures that don’t really want to do what God wants. There are also evil angels and people who want us to instead look at the Queen of Heaven or nothing at all. In addition, most of the popular “modern” Bibles are based on a Gnostic corruption of the Bible published by Emperor Constantine 1 that denies the divinity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why not? She got a lot of other information from other writers etc. “I was shown” could be referring to her understanding of an issue, and she gives God the credit for showing her. She didn’t necessarily have to be in trance be influenced by, what she believed to be, God.

But, probably not. She wouldn’t be reading Milton or Defoe before the age of seventeen; and after that she wouldn’t be reading them because they are a product human imagination. However, Paradise Lost was probably the product of common misperceptions about the Bible to begin with, and would be a cultural legacy.

If you read The Truth About Angels you will see what I mean

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There is nothing in her writings, according to my personal research that can be attributed to, or unique to her. Literally everything, she derived (plagiarised) from others. From Steps to Christ to Prophets and Kings! Here is one book by Daniel March (1816-1909),The Night Scenes in the Bible, 1868, containing 26 chapters of which she copied material from 25 chapters. I have carefully documented parallels from these chapters. She had used the material from this book with the pre-fixes ‘I saw, I was shown’; as testimonies, counsels, rebukes and so on. She copied the whole book without giving credit. This book shows where she got her information from.


Some parallels (examples) from The night Scenes in the Bible:
Ellen White (1827-1915): “There are deep mysteries in the word of God, which will never be discovered by minds that are unaided by the Spirit of God. There are also unsearchable mysteries in the plan of redemption, which finite minds can never comprehend… God’s providence is a continual school, in which He is ever leading men to see the true aims of life. None are too young, and none too old, to learn in this school by paying diligent heed to the lessons taught by the divine Teacher. He is the True Shepherd, and He calls His sheep by name. By the wanderers His voice is heard, saying: “This is the way, walk ye in it” (4T, p. 444, 1881).

Daniel March (1816-1909): “There are deep mysteries in the Word of God – un-searchable mysteries in Divine Providence – mysteries past finding out in the plan of redemption… God’s providence is the school in which He is ever setting before us the true aims of life. The term of instruction takes in all our earthly days. None are too young, none are too old to learn, if they only heed the Divine Teacher who “guides with His eye,” and who whisperers to the wanderer, “This is the way – walk ye in it” (Night Scenes in the Bible, pp. 98, 99, 1868).

Ellen White (1827-1915): “The deepest and truest philosophy of life and faith is to bring ourselves into the most intimate relation with God” (Lt22, written to Dr. Gibbs, 1886.4).

Daniel March (1816-1909): “The deepest and truest Philosophy of life and faith for us is to bring ourselves into the most intimate relations with the infinite God” (Night Scenes in the Bible, pp. 138, 139, 1868).

Ellen White (1827-1915): “…the Lord has given abundance of evidence in messages of light and salvationNo one can tell how much may be at stake when neglecting to comply with the call of the spirit of God” (MR16, p. 112, 1892. Written to O. A. Olsen, president of the General Conference, 1892).

Daniel March (1816-1909): “The word of the Lord comes to us all, and is a message of light and salvation. No man can tell how much he may lose by once neglecting to comply with the call of God’s Spirit” (Night Scenes in the Bible, p. 202, 1868).
These are only three of the hundreds of parallels from this book.

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Hi Aben

My statement referred to what was in The Truth About Angels. Nevertheless what the EGW Estate has written on the alleged plagiarism by EGW is very good and adequately covers the issue. I recommend carefully reading it. Your claim that NOTHING she wrote is unique to her is very weird. There is no way EGW could have written much of what she wrote, such as in The Truth About Angels, without being inspired by God.

As I have said on other occasions when I first opened an EGW book and started reading I immediately recognized that she was indeed a prophet of God inspired by the same Holy Spirit that has led me and others to the truth for these days.

There is something seriously wrong about your approach to EGW. Please fast and pray about it. After all, you are not complaining about what she wrote, just expressing doubt that she wrote it. Yes, she used material from other books as they were expressed because they were expressed well. She says that herself, which is a general crediting of others besides herself. Investigate other books written by others in her lifetime to see how people did things legally in those times.

Can you provide the Biblical source for this? Thank you!

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Basically it is the use of your own reading comprehension and common sense as you read the Bible. What I have given already in the main comment is your answer really. Why make Adam and Eve in the first place? What is the overall context of the Bible? What make them less than the angels? Why say that at all? Why make them and their descendants equal to the angels? How come they don’t have children any more when equal to the angels?

Look at all the counterfeits in ‘pagan’ religions such as Easter and Christmas that obscure God’s truths that we can see within the Bible and in history and archaeology.

Satan was the top angel and obviously had a lot of insight about what God was doing.

Who are we to question the ‘whys and wherefores’ of God? Creation was an expression of God’s love and character. His purpose for man as is evident from the bible, to reflect God’s character in their lives, replenish the earth. God created us less (lower) than angels: Psalm 8: 4, 5 - What is man, that thou art mindful of him?..For thou hast made him little lower than angels" And we remain so even after the earth made new.

Claiming she was unique in any way is a big LIE! I made my statements after thoroughly investigating her claims.

I feel sorry for your ignorance of Ellen White issues. You only know the defensive side of the issues propagated by Ellen white Estate and the apologists. Yes I prayed about it and God showed me the truth, that she was a plagiarist and she lied about it.

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Look at Mat 22:30, Mark 12.25 and Luke 22:36. Is Jesus a liar and a plagiarist as well?

Soon you and everyone else will find out who it is that showed you the ‘truth’ about EGW!

With all due respect, applying reading comprehension and common sense to Scripture, I have never read in the Biblical context that God created humans to replace angels who defected to Lucifer. This concept is totally lacking from the Bible.

My faith is based on the Bible, not on counterfeit guesses, projections, theories, and otherwise extra-Biblical concepts.

Your defense is weak. Show where this concept is “revealed” in the “Bible and in history and archaeology.” So far, you haven’t.

Whether Satan was the top angel or not is irrelevant to the creation of humanity based on scripture.

You have not supported your point.

Try again.

Where did you get this strange (wrong) information? Constantine never authorized any translation of the Bible. He was the first pagan convert who embraced the truth of the divinity of Christ and took measures to settle the issue of Christ’s divinity challenged by Arius in the first council of Nicea against Arius.

She did not give credit to the sources she used. You have missed discussion here of copyright laws during her time. By copying without credit to her sources, she was plagiarizing.

Where do you get this?

Recent translations have been meticulously researched and utilize more recent manuscripts found like the Dead Sea Scrolls, not available at the time the Catholic scholars created the King James version.

What translation was published by Constantine?

How do you know what Satan and his demons thought?

I have provided a sufficient Biblical case in a comprehensive manner taking into account all levels of context. The fact that you also totally reject the EGW support for what I have said indicates to me that something is sadly astray in your approach to the Bible as well in reading comprehension.

Dene, our church is founded on the concept of the Bible and the Bible only.

Your theories are unfounded guesses. I’m sorry you feel that the “lesser light” as she called her own writings, is “greater or equal” to the scriptures themselves.

Perhaps you can point to scholars who study the scriptures in depth for support of your theory.

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