Jesus Mingled With People

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Tami. Thank you for such a well stated perspective. Indeed, according to Luke, Christ announced the gospel commission in Luke 4:18-19 and spend his entire gospel narrative unpacking these two verses. So when Matthew gives his commission to “teach them to observe all that I have commanded you.” the reference is not about 28 fundamental beliefs but the words an actions of Christ.


The 28 fundamental beliefs are anchored in the word of God. (Hence the several scripture references that accompany each one.) An honest observer would admit that almost all of the 28 are very common to all Protestant churches. Different denominations have a few that vary. Not a big deal…variety lets individuals think for themselves and go where they feel comfortable worshiping with other believers.

God’s Moral Code never changes. That’s why it has always been shameful and a top tier offense for men to lie with men and women with women.

No matter how acceptable and encouraged it becomes in carnal societies.

That in no way means not to help a neighbor in need, like our brothers and sisters did in the Orlando area. That was a wonderful response. But it wouldn’t have been appropriate for a Christian to have been “mingling” in the Pulse nightclub at two or three A.M. while the drugs, alcohol, debauchery, etc were flowing.

I won’t go to a church that has homosexually active leadership! Of course, likewise, I would encourage you to find a church that suits your own convictions, Mark. If you don’t mind who your pastor is sharing a bed with, that is completely your business, not mine.

Maybe the summation of the Law is to love your neighbor as yourself, but that is hardly the summation of His guidelines for our lives. He says “go and sin no more” and “those who love me keep my commandments” and “be holy as I AM holy”.

At least we know, Kristen, that you are not going to pretend to be like Jesus.

Lord, have mercy.


Thanks for this reflection on what Christ’s words mean, arising out of unspeakable tragedy. Don’t think I agree with all your perspectives, but valued the authentic response. God bless your ministry to the survivors and grieving.

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We dont read The Red Letter Words of Jesus often enough.
Also, Jesus was a Table Person. He found enjoyment being with “Sinners”. He was OK with breaking the established rules of association.
Jesus was NOT exclusionary. He included ALL in his circle. This included Revolutionaries. One was his disciple.
Remember – Jesus was HOLY. Jesus was GOD. He enjoyed hanging around Sinners, enjoyed their company, enjoyed their parties, their food, their music, their conversation.
Remember – Jesus was HOLY. Jesus was GOD. Sinners loved hanging around Jesus. Rich sinners. Religious sinners. Working sinners. Poor sinners. Disabled sinners. Women sinners. Child sinners. Pagan sinners. Agnostic sinners. Terrorist sinners. Roman soldier sinners. Wrong Church believer sinners. God’s True Church sinners.
Some say the Centurian’s “servant” was really also his BoyFriend. According to Matt Jesus was OK with this relationship. And spoke the word and he was healed. Then Jesus paid him a huge compliment in front of all the people.

On another note-- Mary and Martha. It is said that Martha was the MATURE person in the story.
Martha could Multi-Task. She could Work AND Listen at the same time.
Mary was the immature one. Could do only One thing at a time – so Listened. Eventually she became mature like Martha.
Thought that was an interesting perspective.

PS-- I know quite a few wonderful God Loving Christian Gays and Lesbians here in Macon and members of several churches. Actually, one is a Pastor, and his partner is an ordained Deacon [associate pastor role in another congregation]. They would make Wonderful SDAs, but, of course, I am NOT ALLOWED to invite them to become Seventh day Adventists. So I have to leave them where they are.

Pienso que hay que acercarse a la gente, no mezclarse con la gente. En un matiz importante. La lengua española es rica en vocabulario, matices y semántica. Creo que Cristo se acercó a la gente, a toda clase de personas sin distinción. Pero no se mezcló con ninguna de ellas. El cristiano tiene un mensaje y debe ir al encuentro de TODAS las personas para predicarlo. Pero evitando mezclarse, intoxicarse, de los pecados (errores) del mundo…

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