Jesus Ministered to Their Needs

“Needs,” what does that mean? Look up the definition of the word and you will find a statement like this one: “Something that is necessary.” As humans, what do we need? What is necessary? In the field of psychology a theory proposed by Abraham Maslow, and still espoused today, ranks our needs as human beings.  Needs take the form of a pyramid and build from basic up to self-actualization.  Basic human needs according to this ranking are food, shelter, friendship, love, and security. These basic needs must be met before a person can move upward.  Why is that important? Why spend so much time on a dry psychological theory? Because Maslow (knowingly or unknowingly) synthesized the work of Jesus. 

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What a GREAT Line!
Abraham Maslow [sounds Jewish, maybe got his information from the Torah???] synthesized the work of Jesus.
OR, did Jesus understand the Needs Pyramid FIRST? But got lost in Orthodoxy and Doctrines over 2000 years.
and took another Hebrew Scholar to rediscover and state what Jesus also knew???

This would make for TWO [2] great research papers. Abraham Maslow in the Old Testament. Abraham Maslow in the Gospels [maybe include James as he was FIRST to quote Jesus].

Human basic needs are affection, acceptance, appreciation, and achievement.

“ALREADY he had begun thus to RETRACE his STEPS, when the news sounded through Jericho that Jesus was entering the town. Zacchaeus determined to see Him. He was beginning to realize how bitter are the fruits of sin, and how difficult the path of him who tries to RETURN from a course of wrong. To be misunderstood, to be met with suspicion and distrust in the effort to correct his errors, was hard to bear. The chief publican longed to look upon the face of Him whose words had brought hope to his heart.” DA 553

Jesus’ affection, acceptance, and appreciation gave him courage and motivation to keep up his work of repentance and restitution. One of the hardest emotions to deal with is that of being misunderstood or unfairly accused.

Zacchaeus was being saved before Jesus showed up because he was already applying/following biblical principles instead of those of the world.

Doing so can be referred to as thought replacement therapy.

IS 55:7-9
Rom 12:2-3
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