Jesus Sermon Highlights Annual Council Worship Service — Report 2

Interesting choice of colors, Steve?
" The most common type of color vision deficiency is called “ red - green color blindness ” which occurs when the green and red sensitive cone cells’ sensitivities overlap more than they are supposed to"


On this issue, jeremy belongs over at Fulcrum 7.

I am just the opposite.
I believe in male headship.
But deny that aborting the process of pro-creation is murder.

According to them, a woman who takes a “morning after pill” just murdered a human being.

A woman who is raped has every right to decide for herself and her husband and family and other people she trusts to give her advice as to what course she will take.

And the “nut job” conservatives at F7 have no say so in the matter.

It is not murder, period. It is aborting the process of pro-creation and just because there is some form of physical life in the woman does not equate to being a human being.

That’s why it is called abortion, not murder.

Nor does this justify the abuse of abortion for the sake of convenience.
The church policy is adequate and needs no new explanation to suit the conservative spirituality.


Well stated common sense, Bill. Thank you!


You should read their “cry baby” responses at F7 because they can’t get their way. I told them long ago they will never change the basic policy of the church on this issue.
Maybe that’s why they run me off…ya think?

I think that’s more fubar than snafu. But I’m not surprised.


LOL…Had to Google it. Thanks for helping me to improve my English. :+1:

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Mel –
Yes, but it is difficult to tell how many are color blind in those light
I never knew I was slightly color blind until I took an eye test in that
Eye Test booklet when I was applying for an Air Force Nurse position.
Had finger prints and all. Then got drafted into the Navy Nurse Corps.
Never bothers me except with some dark brown shades of color frequencies.
BUT it is interesting they Deliberately CHOOSE those 2 colors.
Kind of like a Traffic light – Red for Stop, Green for Go. LOL

OK, I admit it. Education was my primary goal with that post. Busted.

Now if we can just figure out what the GC is attempting this year…

GC?? or just certain “persons” attempting this year??
Is there an attempt to produce a #29 or maybe a #30 SDA Doctrine?
It seems we may have too many “I Believe…”, “I Trust…” statements already.

It took 392 pages to produce the “SDA Believe …27” in 1988.
How big [thick] would a book be in 2020? How many pages more?

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A woman taking the morning after pill does not know and will never know if she had gotten pregnant or not. It’s one less trauma. How many women are participating in that very strange conversation over fulcrum? In my experience Prolife is never about words. Could this thing be also tabled ?

One has the Issue of does it Require a Physician’s Prescription? Or
can one purchase “Over the Counter” or Vending Machine?
Is it cheap enough for poor women to obtain it?
Can Lawyers sue for Side Effects and obtain HUGE Awards??
Or will the Gov’t make it Exempt from litigation?

Many years ago, the late Frank Knitell and his wife came to our home one evening for dinner. I still remember him telling the story that one night he was driving in a certain city where the two lights (green/red) were in a different position, green on top, red on bottom. A police officer followed him then pulled him over and wanted to know why he stopped at every green light and went through every red light… No ticket was issued…

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Liked Frank. Great story!

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It does not require a prescription. The morning after pill is not an abortifacient. Taken too late you will get pregnant ( if there is the possibility) with no adverse effect on the baby. Each country has its own rules. It’s not a cough medicine so here in Europe it’s not completely over the counter. The law requires that you have to answer a couple of questions and be given advice. a) your case might require more than a trip to the next pharmacy b) depending on why you ended up there you need proper contraception. c) they need medical background check. You cannot take the pill for someone else. You can accompany the distressed but this is a one on one private encounter. It can be free depending on circumstances. It’s not very expensive. This is very different from having a chemically induced abortion when you know that you are pregnant. This is really on the fringe of the main argument.

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Fringe of the main argument.
It depends on HOW the document is written in relationship
to one of the 10 Commandments and is considered as
possibly “Killing” something that has a United sperm and
ovum and not just an ovum.
I know this is “nit picking” but it is HOW what is written, voted,
and interpreted by laity that can have serious emotional problems,
mental problems, and affect one’s perceived religious relationship
to God. Is God OK? or does God condemn the use? Can have
devastating consequences to the person.
It can be a very dangerous document!


True. So true. Baby and mental illness factory. The worst part to me is the loss of credibility. On one hand I truly understand those men. Who would want to be part of a debate were you justify the taking of life? Nobody. It is easy to distance oneself and make as many a wall as possible. It is easy but I do not believe it is the answer. It is a rule that the life of the mother prevails. When the life of the mother is truly endangered and it cannot be for physical reasons alone because women are not beasts, you have to consider. It is real. We have to recognize moral imperative when it presents itself and this is the work of the Holy Spirit. Not this type of guidelines. But this is not how we are going about it. How many abortion are pushed upon women? Now we are playing the game the other way around. This is not better. Do I have to state that abortion should be rare, very rare ? It seems so. And let’s not call emergency contraception abortion. The name is on the tin. I am genuinely sad and afraid of this turn. This is the thing: the wise men need not associate themselves with any of this. We have a carefully crafted guideline that is working. Boldly I would say: Let it live… We will start being Prolife when we have a tangible message to the world on this subject. We do not even have one for our own.

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i don’t have any wives, sisters or daughters, but i would hope my answer would be the same…to seek to reframe murder and theft merely because of personal investment seems inconsistent and hypocritical…

carrying a pregnancy to term is obviously a huge investment, but the gift of reproduction, which aligns human beings with god himself, cannot be divested from its moral implications or responsibilities, even when and if evil inserts itself…to be a follower of christ means to do as he did, which is to carry the mantle of goodness and truth even when to do so becomes excruciating and difficult because the burden of sin has been unjustly imposed…and it is the case that carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term is a temporary setback, while losing life in the womb is a permanent loss that can never be recovered…

can any truly conscientious person carry on with life unscathed, knowing that they were instrumental in taking away the life of another…can they turn to their heavenly father and ask for eternal life when they’ve deliberately taken life from another…putting myself in a woman’s shoes, even in the event of rape that has resulted in pregnancy, i don’t believe i could do this…knowing myself, and how i tend to stew over things, i think i’d carry a certain guilt for the rest of my life…some time ago, a good friend confided that this is the case with her…yrs ago she underwent an abortion because she couldn’t deal with another pregnancy, or another child…her kids were already in their teens…she says she carries guilt even though she’s prayed about it many times…like a number of other things in life, abortion can look like a way out of a difficult jam…but it evidently comes with its own set of issues that can overshadow whatever solution it seemed to represent at the time…

but having said all of this, i don’t believe our church should opine or guide on this question…it is really only the woman involved who must decide…and that decision needs to be respected, where known, on whichever side it falls…

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Perhaps the world should amend the color of all traffic lights to accommodate.

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