Jim Coffin talks about Adventist offspring

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By Alexander Carpenter

Over on the Spectrum website, Florida pastor James Coffin responds to Luke Ford and discusses what happens to the children of conservative and progressive Adventists.

Coffin notes: "You need to believe that your religion is the chosen one [if you’re going to be willing] to stay and make sacrifices to keep the religion going. The assimilators in Loma Linda and their children will be gone. It’s the Africans and Third World Adventists and the fundamentalists who will take over."

Those are the words of Luke Ford, son of defrocked Adventist theologian Desmond Ford, in a recent interview that was posted on the blog progressiveadventism.com. Luke Ford left the Seventh-day Adventist Church several years ago, ultimately embracing Judaism. But his comments definitely touched a nerve among current Adventist blog readers.Read it here.

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