John Cobb on Omnipotence, Faithfulness of Jesus, John 14:6

I know that many Adventists - including David Larson and Trisha Famisaran - have had the opportunity to meet and work with theologian John Cobb, Jr. while at Claremont.

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Wonderful to read such an interesting analysis on “exclusivity” and Jesus, and the Bible. I´m a Unitarian Universalist, and have become an explicit Christian very much involved with the integrity of Jesus´s essential teachings and his life. “Basileia theou”- the Kingdom of God, the divine commonwealth, theosis, Christian Nirvana, the Kingdom of Heaven. A phrase worthy of great contemplation.

Cobb´s treatment of Jesus by making explicit Jesus´ unique person and unique work is riveting. The drama of simplicity itself in addressing the modern attitude of rejecting apparent exclusivity is honest, authentic, and unassuming.

To state then that the problem is when any view assumes that all practitioners of alternatives are condemned etc is electrifying.

I´m accustomed to arguing the general idea that Christianity has already spread powerfully in its secularized form such as University education. With the plurality possible as such, it is a powerful basis that makes both the presence of Jesus and the modernization of pluralistic approaches relevant and necessary. The Dalai Lama has benefited from the UN community of nations, as Gandhi used Jesus´ legacy.

I look forward to rereading this article.