Juan Prestol-Puesán, General Conference Treasurer, Announces Retirement

On April 12, 2021, Adventist News Network, the official news outlet of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, announced via Twitter that General Conference Treasurer Juan Rafael Prestol-Puesán is retiring:

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Treasurer out, secretary out and guess who may be the next?


this is a strange message…i think it could imply that something is severely wrong - so severely wrong that it can’t be fixed, or even discussed…

of course it can just mean that Prestol-Puesan will miss his job…


Conviction and sadness? Agreed this is strange. Conviction about what? Why the sadness instead of a sense of having fulfilled his call?
This is not an easy to assess role, unlike a corporate environment where a treasurer’s performance may be measured by success in financial efficiency and efficacy, or risk management success, Etc. How do you measure ROI in an organization whose mission is to save souls? As @odorcic insinuated, there is more to this.


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