Jubilee Hope — Ellen White and the Politics of Racial Justice (Part I)

When I was down in Egypt’s land, I heard my Savior was at hand, And the midnight-cry was sounding, And I wanted to be free, So I left my formal brethren To sound the Jubilee.[1]

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I don’t consider this as an anti-slavery statement. On the other hand, a pious slave would be happy to serve his master rather than wishing to be freed from his chains.

Bible no where condemned slave-holding, instead we find admonitions to both the masters and their slaves how to treat each other in Christian charity. Ellen White was in no way the first to stand against slavery. We can find valuable insights, Bible based, from the book, ‘First things: a series of lectures on the great facts and moral lessons first revealed to mankind’, vol. 2, 1851 by Spring, Gardiner (1785-1873), pp. 351-380.

Hooray for the radical Republicans!!

Hooray for the end of injustice to black people in America!!

Hooray for the end of slavery!!

Though you didn’t indicate so, your post appears to me full of sarcasm. Am I right? Or are your remarks serious? Just chechin’ … :thinking:

Hooray for truth!

Hooray for freedom!

Hooray for equal justice for all!

Hooray for all who do not resist arrest!

There is a commercial on to that drives that home. “My mom never had to go to food banks…They pay a slave wage…”

Today it is People getting folks to work for them for nothing to enrich themselves and the workers’ lives get harder and harder. Some have to work multiple jobs and do without.

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