Keep Pressing On… And On: A Response to Ted Wilson’s Adventist World Article

(EdZirkwitz) #42

Jared, I think your article displays insight and courage. There is a certain self righteousness coming from Elder Ted Wilson. WHY does he seem obsessed with pointing out others’ faults that includes the need for monitoring compliance? And he is not an average member but “the leader.” His words matter and when they have deleterious impacts there needs to be accountability. Ellen White did not write exclusively for Seventh-day Adventists and when she was alive the SDA church did not have their list of 28 fundamental beliefs, a “list” that has been evolving. The word remnant appears about 500 times in the OT and could refer to those remaining after a calamity or catastrophe, e.g. Noah. How many SDAs keep all the commandments of God? The answer is none. Therefore we need to figure out what is really important to God in the expressions referring to keeping the commandments of God.

(Johnny Carson) #43

I do not believe that because to do so is putting EGW on a higher plane than the Bible. It’s saying, “Oh, wait! The Bible doesn’t talk about that? No worries. Ellen knows all the rest!” Which, of course, is blasphemous.


There is nothing missing in the Bible. EGW just expounds on what the Bible says.


I am not putting EGW on a higher plain! From your comment, you must not believe that she was a messenger from God. There is no reason to be having this conversation with you.

(reliquum) #46

Whoops, bad, bad John. How can you be so arrogantly sinful to force a saint to commune with the likes of you and me, mere sinners!

I suggest putting Ellen on a venerated plain is quite planely against scriptural truth.
But that apparently doesn’t matter, i suppose because it somehow supercedes it…

and John, i fully concur. Perhaps (despite our denominational hubris),
Ellen does not (unless the estate is hiding some remarkable and unexpected material)
know all the rest,
(but she apparently inspired, knew who did, ergo, copied……)

(Thomas J Zwemer) #47

3Not when it comes to the General Conference, The Review, and the Sabbath School Quarterly. I have a strong affinity for men like Des Ford, Edward Heppenstall, Graham Maxwell, I am appalled at the theology expressed by Herbert Douglass, Kenneth Woods, FD Nichols et al. Certainly the power play of. Neal Wilson and his son are fair target of dismay at their ego centric view of the final generation and their anathema toeard the main I like those mentioned above for their understanding of Daniel, The Gospel Of John, Romans, Hebrews, and Revelation. They have cauptures the essence of Paul and Rightousness by Faith or trust in the Finished redemptive work of Christ. Wilson et al insist that Ellen White demands human effort beyond trust, Gratitude and generosity.

(Kim Green) #48

Linda, it is fine if you don’t wish to converse with anyone who does not share your beliefs. However, please understand that commenters here will challenge what you say on occasion (or more frequently).

(George Tichy) #49

Neophytes may buy into this failed explanation. Not those who actually know the matter. Sorry, but such a statement is completely misleading.

(George Tichy) #50

This is one of the good things here on Spectrum, everyone is entitled to share their opinions, but nobody is forced to talk to anyone. If you choose so, you don’t have to interact either with John or anyone else. But people, everyone, have the right to comment on any post freely.

(George Tichy) #51

I don’t believe it was @johncarson who said all that…

(Steve Mga) #52

George –
What is missing in the Bible, according to BUTAYL is ALL the extra-Biblical
material that Ellen provides in her descriptions of events past, present, future.



Welcome to Spectrum postings and discussions. We have conversations with all kinds of posters about diverse topics. Diverse opinions are represented here. Many of us have learned a lot from each other.

(Johnny Carson) #54

I know! Mother is reaching back from the grave! lol :joy:

One has to wonder then, why the compulsion to say so…? Hmmmm…

(Johnny Carson) #55

No, but I suspect Timo’s Comments were rather tongue-in-cheek. :joy:

(Dawn kleinhuizen) #56

I agre with with John Carson. SDA’s use EG White to say what the Bible does not! So my thinking goes…so if she adlibs here about something NOT in the Bible what eles has she said that does not come from God.


I was startled into wondering if my knowledge of the Bible is actually scriptural when I realized that Eve did not leave Adam’s side in the Garden. When I read it for myself I wondered, what else has merged in my mind? What is Scriptural and what is extra-Biblical?

(Cfowler) #58

I’ve heard a lot of SDA’s, mostly former SDA’s, who started reading the Bible more fully, particularly the NT, seeing things they had never seen (or heard in church/bible classes) before. They also realized that what they thought they knew to be from scripture, was actually from EGW writings.


Yes. It all merges together through the years into one. Thankfully, reading the Scripture for oneself is a great antidote.

(C. Evans) #60

I am one of those former SDA’s who really never questioned or compared her writing with scripture. And yes it rocks your boat a bit when your study changes to Bible and Bible alone.

(Cfowler) #61

I can’t relate personally, having not been raised SDA, but I’ve heard this from formers, and read about this experience so many times, and the extent of this phenomena is huge.