Kenyan Adventists Continue to Splinter — and More News Shorts

In this week’s news round-up, three Kenyan churches have now switched conference allegiances, an Adventist pastor is charged with allegedly defrauding an insurance company, Oakwood University is accused of not taking sexual assault allegations seriously, and legal actions continue for fired Adventist physician in Colorado.

Kenyan Adventists Continue to Splinter. The KPCU SDA Church, which is situated in Nairobi, Kenya, voted to switch allegiance from Central Kenyan Conference (CKC) to the breakaway Nairobi Cosmopolitan Conference (NCC), becoming the third group to do so. KPCU’s neighbor, Saika West SDA church also held its church business meeting and voted to join NCC. Saika church is however yet to notify CKC or NCC of the decision.

The KPCU church joins Kangemi’s Mountain View SDA and Meru-based Makandi SDA church that severed links with CKC and joined the splinter group of NCC. The new entity deployed Pastor Kennedy Nyachiro who conducted services at Makandi.

The split was sparked by leadership wrangles at Nairobi Central SDA church, popularly known as Maxwell, in the last few months. Private security men were hired by Kiragu after the expulsion of 15 members he accuses of being behind the chaos that saw the church temporarily closed. Some faithful have criticized the move to hire private security. The 15 have recorded a statement at Kilimani Police Station after head pastor Jean Pierre Maiywa claimed his life was in danger. The move to decamp has, however, not been accepted by CKC, which terms it irregular on grounds that NCC is a private company that cannot run churches. From Standard Media, “SDA row deepens as another church quits conference” and from Kahawa Tungu, “Crisis In SDA Church Deepens As Several Churches Quit Central Kenya Conference.”

SDA Pastor and Others in Kenya Allegedly Defrauded Insurance Company. In Kenya, a Kisumu court heard how Andrew Okeyo Osewe, a Seventh-day Adventist pastor, hatched a plot to defraud an insurance company of millions of shillings by forging a death certificate to claim benefits. Osewe is alleged to have forged a death certificate to claim benefits after a patient known to the pastor died at Kendu Adventist Hospital. Apart from the widow, the pastor also colluded with other three accomplices in an attempt to claim Sh8 million from the insurer. The five were arrested by officers from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, Insurance Fraud Investigations Unit in Nairobi. From Daily Nation, “Pastor, widow and chief charged in Sh8m insurance fraud.”

Oakwood University Administration Accused of not Taking Allegations of Sexual Assault Seriously. A social media campaign got attention when students accused Oakwood University administration of not taking the allegations of sexual assault seriously. Oakwood University released a newsletter that talked about the steps it is taking since those allegations. The newsletter contains a list of things President Pollard says he has done since the allegations surfaced. "I have directed our leadership to actively embrace this 'me too' moment at Oakwood University," and "we will lean in and become a stronger and healthier university by seizing this unique moment." Pollard said administrators have held small group discussions with students on how to make campus safer. He also directed administrators to re-evaluate campus safety policies.

A WAAY31 ABC television reporter tried to get more information on how specific departments are looking into changing the way they process reports of sexual assault and if any reports have been made against students, faculty, or staff. She called the public safety office, and when she asked how students report a sexual assault on campus, she was hung up on.

Huntsville police confirm they had reports of two off-campus assaults involving Oakwood students; however, those cases are now closed. Adventist clergy have joined in the discussions, and they invited students to attend on Sabbath to talk. From WAAY31 ABC, “University taking steps to fight sexual assault.”

Legal Actions Continue in Firing Physician over “Right to Medical Aid-in-dying Services” at Colorado’s Centura Health. Centura Health on Wednesday asked a federal judge to throw out a lawsuit brought by one of its former doctors and a patient, both of whom are fighting for the latter’s right to medical aid-in-dying services. Centura, in the court filings, argues that the First Amendment prohibits the religious health care system from being forced to continue the employment of Dr. Barbara Morris after she advocated for the right of a terminally-ill patient to end his life at his home. In an interview Wednesday, Centura CEO Peter Banko said Morris was fired because she “breached her employment agreement…We view this as a direct challenge to our mission and values,” he said, adding that Centura considers medical aid-in-dying “morally unacceptable.”

The termination came days after Morris filed a lawsuit with patient Cornelius “Neil” Mahoney, who has terminal cancer and wants to end his life under Colorado’s medical aid-in-dying law. “I was shellshocked,” Morris told Kaiser Health News. “Because of all the things I expected them to do, that was not in the playbook. Because it seemed so obvious that they can’t do it.” In their lawsuit, Morris and Mahoney alleged that Centura’s policy regarding medical aid-in-dying violated the 2016 state law that gave doctors the ability to prescribe lethal drugs to patients who want to end their lives. Morris and Mahoney want a judge to determine whether Centura can lawfully stop Morris from writing prescriptions for aid-in-dying medication, according to a news release. From The Denver Post, “Centura Health seeks dismissal of lawsuit by Colorado doctor fired in aid-in-dying dispute.”

Please note: Spectrum news round-ups are an aggregation of regional, national, and international publications around the world that have reported on stories about Adventists. As such, the accuracy of the information is the responsibility of the original publishers, which are noted and hyperlinked at the end of each excerpt.

Pam Dietrich taught English at Loma Linda Academy for 26 years and served there eight more years as the 7-12 librarian. She lives in Yucaipa, California.

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dr. pollard came to alberta’s camp meeting this past summer and delivered the closing sabbath sermon about making personal miracles happen…he used the story of the blind man calling out to jesus for help, outlined in Luke 18:35-43, to suggest that if we want our miracle, we need to be desperate, daring and deliberate (i may have one or two of these “d” words wrong)…it was a sensational message that would have received several standing ovations in any other setting…but even with alberta’s conservative crowd, it was evident that dr. pollard’s gift to reach deeply into the psyche of a large crowd is substantial…

i have complete confidence in dr. pollard’s ability to lead oakwood through this situation thoroughly and well…he isn’t one to shy away from what needs to be done to achieve a successful outcome…

two [2] Kenya reports in one week.
And nobody is doing anything about Kenya!
WHERE IS PAUL the Apostle when we need him!!!
WE Certainly NEED Jesus Christ in the flesh, that is for sure!!!

And General Conference 2020 is coming up!
Are there any other groups rumbling and ready to erupt like
Mount Saint Helens!!??


I was thinking the same thing, Steve…what is going on in Kenya!?! However, I received an FB post from someone in India who was claiming corruption from SDA officials there and said that they were not being allowed to speak to the SDA President. Apparently, there seems to be more than a little power and corruption issues going on lately. Never a good thing for the SDA church…

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Maybe he didn’t pay attention in his basic ethics class? Or, perhaps they don’t teach ethics in the African seminary?


Kim – Yes, saw the same thing regarding India.

  1. Complaining about that.
  2. A number of months ago there was that expose of those pastors with
    FAKE Graduate Degrees, and apparently implied that some in the GC
    in Silver Springs was aware of that happening.
    I believe that was “shoved under the rug”. wouldn’t doubt that this will be also.

What is happening to our 3rd World brethren in high places??
Have they turned to IDOLS? – or as Paul says Idolatry is ::::-- GREED.


This is a plain Ten Commandments right-or-wrong dilemma. No seminary or ethics class needed. Lying, defrauding, stealing is dead-wrong. What’s missing here?


My husband who has worked for years with Indians in India says that corruption is rampant there. It is part of the culture and is just a part of life (even if not accepted by all). Unfortunately, this attitude may have been adopted by some of the other Undeveloped World brethren. It could be that some of the “Higher Ups” in those countries protect their own rationalizing that they are “Spreading the Gospel”.

There have been some African SDAs on this forum who have commented/complained about corruption in their countries…I am sure that you remember this. You probably also remember some Africans excusing some of the misdeeds done by Pippim a few years ago.


SDA brand of “church planting.”

Where are the GC Compliance Committees when they are needed? Too risky as to lose their support and votes for the upcoming 2020 GC session?


Kim –
We had several American Conference Leaders who ALSO embraced
Pippim and made him a HERO in their Conferences.


Power plays have been endemic from the beginning. Ted Wilson has made it open warfare. Theology is only a sideshow or the weapon of choice. What ever happened to Salvation Unlimited?


Yet another reason to elevate women to positions of influence and power in the Adventist church where less of this nonsense would happen. The “All Boys Club” is both dangerous and antiquated.


African culture. This is another way the corporate church could stand for a better way - similar to how it could let misogynistic cultures know that women can and should be ordained and lead in a Christian church - but it doesn’t.

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I know a friend that was a American wealthy business man that accepted a position as a treasurer of an African Conference. After about an year he resigned his position in the church, returning home, because he could not condone the embedded corruption within that Conference. It sickened him.

Sadly, it seems that Sabbath keeping, in some circles where money and power flow, is more important than ethics.

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Thanks for sharing.

I have said many times on this forum that the SDA church tends to follow the trends of society. If this premise/theory is true- it would follow that the Developing Worlds are tending to follow (or influenced by) the culture(s) in which they are situated.

Over and over again, we assume that claiming to be an SDA (or whatever) should automatically grant better and greater morality. Our assumptions are not always found to be true…sadly enough.


According to @ajshep, those in these countries should call the shots on ethics and policies in the Adventist Church.


Let’s just say that there is a huge difference of opinion on this topic. :joy:

Though hardly perfect- I would much rather live in the Developed Countries (as I do). My best guess is that Allen would prefer to stay here also. For that matter, I have heard that many Pastors from the Undeveloped Countries try and stay here too…not a surprise.

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Kim – the Reverend Pippin stayed here in the U.S. Was welcomed by at
least 2 Conferences.

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Thus proving the point that he didn’t move back to Africa until his crimes became known and proven. Obviously, he had supporters in those 2 conferences. Abusers generally know how to play to their audiences.


Who said he went to an African seminary?