Kinship Kampmeeting Returns in Person

After a two-year hiatus due to the outbreak of COVID-19, SDA Kinship International’s Kampmeeting returned in person July 14–17 in Orlando, Florida. Like a conference camp meeting, Kampmeeting featured keynote speakers, live music, and food. However, a key distinction is that Kampmeeting emphasizes diversity, inclusion, and acceptance of queer church members. 

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Thank you, Matthew Peinado, for this excellent article.

Just for clarity, It was the SDA Church that required the inclusion of Colin Cook at the first Kinship Kampmeeting as a condition for its authorization for the Kinship-invited SDA clergy and scholars to attend. The Church wanted to make sure a voice would be there to argue that sexual orientation can be changed. (The Church later withdrew its endorsement and financial support of Cook’s “change ministry,” and a number of states have outlawed “change ministries” because they not only don’t work but cause psychological harm.)

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Thanks @Curious for highlighting that point.

And of course, we hope everyone reading this article also reads (or has already read) @RonL’s in-depth series from a few years back, which covers many more details from Kinship’s history.

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