Kinship Meeting In Europe Covered by Official Church Media

Christianity has often centered togetherness—the privilege of worshipping and fellowshipping with other believers. For LGBTQIA+ Adventists it isn't always easy to be genuine and true to one's self while feeling welcome in Adventist churches. Kinship Kampmeeting has been an annual highlight for SDA Kinship International for 43 years now. This is an event where all attendees can be themselves just as God sees them without feeling the need to pretend to be something they aren't.

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This was SO beautiful that it spontaneously brought tears to my eyes!

I’m wondering, though, if there is a reason the name of the specific church was not mentioned. Could it be for their protection?

European Adventism is quite different from the American Adventism. It appears more humane and certainly is not a cult of Ellen White. I would probably feel comfortable being an Adventist in Europe, who knows?


It may have been, though the GC’s tentacles can do nothing to intimidate the Europeans. But it’s always wise to be cautious, to avoid unnecessary confrontation with the black-suited guys upstairs… :wink::roll_eyes:


@George Tichy, sorry to say, but the tentacles in silence and carefully hidden follow their policy. . So the Hamburg - Lueneburg publishers have to follow the GC, literally translating the SS Quarterly - with no corrections and not one word omitted - and practically no editorial responibility (Oh yes, they still can publish the "Lueneburg version and adapted text with also quoting European authors - get it on demand.) .And Theologische Hochschule Friedensau - well, just submits under the guidelines of Beardsleys worldwide concepts !

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A few weeks ago Dr. Rolf Pohle (Friedensau) did the zoom session for the Faith & Reason SS (Sligo). Good as always. However, he mentioned that in Germany they will now be printing their own SS booklet, unrelated to the one the GC produces. This is good news. If I am not mistakes it will start in Jan/2023.

It signals that Europe is tired of the American intellectual dominance and academic manipulation by a religion based on EGW.

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@george tichy, well, I would say : Germany (partly, see the contribution at the microphone of a female lay delegate about fostering EGW at the GC!) . At the end of October I will meet somme SDA believers in Frankfurt / Main. Maybe sometimes next I also will meet Poehler and Harlapp and Bochmann in Friedensau - --and I also will see to get the new “German” SS Quarterly - - -

It is nt only the SS Quarterly. Oncce I was asked to writee some chapters for "Nuetze die Heilkraft - - " (Three volumes, main author and editor Ernst Schneider) When the edition finally got out of stock I asked about the revision of my cuontributions, the originals being out of date. - - Not necessary, we here have no editor and main contribuor here now, we (Eli Dietz, the new chief from Spain, ) will publish a very new series. This then was a complete translation of his friends in Spain - - with not a word coming or relying on the German traditions of “Lebensreform” - - - -

At least once the year, better twice, (exception : CORONA restrictions) we flee across the Austrian border to those of the Household of Our Faith in Germany - -

Sorry to say : Since 1945 we repeatedly and continuosly are showered with a rising number of “invitations” , quite odd good advices ( here for us, we are not in Payton, Arizonona), pressure., wrong evaluations , odd exegesis (at least when we are confronted with it) - - from around the GC-- - - -

“European Adventism…certainly is not a cult of Ellen White”
As a member of the European Adventist community I do not hesitate to say that Europeans are as ‘cultish’ as are the Americans with regard to Ellen White.


Believe it or not, as far as I know, Adventism here in Europe is based on EGW. They don’t care about American dictates.


From a British perspective, this issue becomes a little more complicated as a large percentage of the adventist membership came over from the Caribbeam first and then Africa and now Eastern Europe, they brought with them their own adventist culture and beliefs that includes some cultic takes on EGW.

The younger second and third generation population who grew up in the UK under very secular conditions couldn’t care less about EGW and to be honest, its those first generation adventists who are now church leaders who are still pushing a cultic version of EGW.

I would defend however the European version of adventistism as being more balanced than the American version and try to preach closer to the apostolic faith version of our message.

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That’s your opinion, I respect it, however, I disagree with it.

I think this is a well balanced and fair comment.


Where in Europe do you live?

I live in central England

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I am very proud that the APD reported on this event and even happier that several of the European leaders were present with us for the whole Kampmeeting. This way they could get to know us better and talk with us. Although for the most part, this was like preaching to the choir, but a blessing in any case. Europe is quite a large area and can’t be described in only one way. There are the conservative pockets and there are the mainstream congregations. These two can be very different. The churches in the Trans European Division are quite diverse as well. On one side the UK conservative churches that have brought their native Caribbean, African and Eastern European viewpoints to the other side, the churches in the Netherlands which were quite open minded until recently, there is a vast difference. The EUD has forward thinking leadership and churches like in Germany and the German speaking parts of Switzerland to the mostly conservative ones that want to hold on to the faith of their grandparents like in France, Spain, Italy, etc. Austria seems to be the exception to the forward-thinking Germans. Although I’m sure there are progressive members in Austria, with Bogenhofen University, it remains on the conspiracy based conservative side of Adventism.
I sent a note to President Alex Bryant of the NAD asking when we could expect the NAD to report on activities by SDA Kinship similar to the APD, but no response or acknowledgement was given.
I’ve always said that I don’t expect everyone to agree with me but have the decency of dialoging with the LGBTQ members of the church, acknowledging we exist. Anything less makes the other person look silly. Thanks, APD and the SDA German Union and Swiss German Conference.


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