LA Adventist Forum This Weekend: "What Now? Adventism After San Antonio"

The Los Angeles chapter of the Adventist Forum will meet this Sabbath, July 25, 2015 at 1pm in the Chapel at the Glendale City Church 6l0 E. California, at the corner of Isabel and California. The meeting features Bonnie Dwyer, Editor, Spectrum Magazine, Dr. Larry Geraty, Professor & President Emeritus, La Sierra University, Jared Wright, Managing Editor, Spectrum Website, and other Forum staff. The topic is: "What Now? Adventism after San Antonio."

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Is this just a loose, discussion-format meeting, or do the featured speakers have planned presentations?


The presenters (who will also include Kendra and Gil Valentine) will share some prepared remarks, and there will be time for Q&A, I understand.


Will you be reporting… perhaps even live streaming… from the meeting?

And another question… is there any way of gaining access to the live-stream that Spectrum did on July 8? Has it been archived any place at all so that it can be recovered and stored for posterity?


I noticed my post was taken away.

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steve as was mine. I was pretty Frank. I guess a step or two beyond excessive. I believe there are sincere Christains within Adventism. Some in leadership. they just didn’t! prevail in S.A. I see no light at the end of the tunnel for the denomination. saying so isn’t that smart, I guess.


Could be an interesting meeting, but it may also just be a rehash of what is already here on Spectrum.

I am thinking that a meeting in a few months time, when the unions are under greater pressure to revoke the ordinations of women pastors, will be a more significant event in forming the future of the Adventist church in North America.


i don’t see unions caving into general conference pressure, at all…what added pressure does san antonio bring that wasn’t there before…in fact graphing results from indianapolis, utrecht and san antonio shows increasing support for women’s ordination…that increasing support is something i’m sure all unions are aware of, and is no doubt why first world division statements after san antonio were all relatively non-compliant…


Good. But Scriven should be there, as well as several other theologians and other professors who have been instrumental or vocal parts of AAF over the years. I’m sure everyone at Spectrum has a list. As many BOD members as possible, too.

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The Christian approach as established by Jesus works well for individuals, but not for religious corporations. When those corporations grow too much, they start to implode. The human components start to replace the Divine.

At this point I just suggest that people keep their cool and make an effort to forget the religious corporation being now built upstairs. Stay focused on the LOCAL churches, downstairs. Forget the grandiosity tate motivates the religious bureaucrats. They will use even discrimination to secure their “power and control.” How “holy” is that???


Based on what? Certainly not on the SA vote! That vote had nothing to do with the Unions, it did not even mention the current powers the Unions hold regarding ordination.

But yes, let’s get ready for some people to distort what the vote was about. This is going to happen for sure. And it can also have “grave consequences”… in detriment of the Church.


I thought I WAS ON TOPIC!!
The topic is – What Now? Adventism After San Antonio
So I was making what I thought a presentation of What Adventism Should Be After San Antonio.
And my Thesis was –
“Jesus said, to do MY Works”. And since Jesus said two things – I do the WORKS of My Father, and I and My Father are one – that the Seventh day Adventist church, After San Antonio, needs to be about doing what Jesus did.
I also said our SDA Mantra is – "When the Character of Christ is perfectly reproduced…"
We need to be studying the Character of Christ so we know what it is like.
These 2 focuses will assist us in becoming LIKE CHRIST, DO CHRIST.
And because God and Jesus are ONE.
We will become LIKE GOD. DO GOD in the world working the works of God and Christ in the World, FOR God and Christ.

This is my Focus on the What Now? Not being so focused on Doctrine ONLY, Not being all intentive as to WHO or HOW the DOING OF CHRIST can be done [men only, or can women join?]. Which are what our focuses on sa2015 was all about for those days.

If my Thesis did NOT meet your criteria, I am sorry.
I thought perhaps the reason there was such a few word introduction to the topic that it was opening up for persons on Spectrum to voice what they saw as the need of the Church after SA2015.
My thought was – The NEED to Exhibit Christ to the world by DOING CHRIST IN THE WORLD.
And again, I do apologize.

PS: I also said, that Exhibiting Christ is Not the same as Perfection. Perfection came by Christ’s Atonement on the cross. When I stand before the Trinity, the Trinity does Not see me, all the Trinity sees is Christ. THAT is Perfection.

PPS: If we are DOING CHRIST in the World, then Like Christ we are going to CALL others to assist us to DO CHRIST. “HELP US DO CHRIST IN THE WORLD” should be our Evangelistic Call to the World.


It is already being distorted that the Vote was about the GC voting Women having a leadership part in proclaiming Angel 1, Angel 2, Angel 3, Angel 4 of Rev 18. and saying NO! Women CANNOT be Angels!
ONLY Men are Angels!


Well Steve, you know, … there are angels,… and there are angels… :wink:


I am making another prediction:

This will be the "maneuver of this century!" They will try to convince people that the vote in SA was about WO, when it was not.
Well, the “developing world” may easily fall for that… And there is where TW’s strength resides!

It’s now just a matter of time.
“Stay tuned!” (K. Paulson, 2015) … :laughing:


I thought Jesus said that angels are neither male nor female, that they don’t marry or reproduce…

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So the “Angel” or what should be termed “Messenger”, CAN be Either Male OR Female, in human terms. If it is transliterated correctly as to the “Activity” involved.

Like that! Thanks!


I fully agree. that goes for all denominations.In the Southern Union if the church is more than three hours drive from the conference office and the church has less than 200 active members the quality of the pastors is as sad sack. There is no there there. If I lives in the Loma Linda, Riverside area. I would be attending a Adventist church. At least there is Gospel in the music. Tom Z


Correct. The vote was STATUS QUO. Union governance continues as is and no sanctions are authorized. None.


Based on presidential interpretation of the vote. I could see the union being approached by the GC or its agents, arguing on the basis of a moral imperative that they should fall in line with the division and the world wide church. This can cause all sorts of mischief. You can fill in the gaps.


You may be interested to know that it looks like the Question at the 2015 GC Session actually included the administrative territories within each of the 13 Divisions:

“After your prayerful study on ordination from the Bible, the writings of Ellen G. White, and the reports of the study commissions, and; after your careful consideration of what is best for the church and the fulfillment of its mission, is it acceptable for division executive committees, as they may deem it appropriate in their territories, to make provision for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry? Yes or No.”

What the official Question seems to be saying, and one would hope the North American Division’s own website is presenting a clear picture, is that each Division encompasses country-state areas, which include a collection of Unions of churches overseeing a specific geographical territory:

“The Union conference, or Union field/mission, is made up of conferences or fields within a larger territory (often a grouping of states or whole country)…Divisions are sections of the General Conference, with administrative responsibility for particular geographical areas…Administratively, the worldwide Church has 13 Divisions, which are composed of churches grouped by a collection of missions, fields, or states into Unions of churches. The North American Division is one of the 13 Divisions.” See link below.

What this executive summary seems to conclude, in reference to the official Question, is that the expression “deem it appropriate in their territories” is obviously about each Division and, too, each Division’s “Unions of churches” as well, which are themselves comprised of the “conferences or fields within a larger territory.” You can double-check the facts at the link below: