LA Forum Event—Michael Scofield

The Los Angeles Adventist Forum’s January online event features Michael Scofield, M.B.A., assistant professor at Loma Linda University, presenting Vaccine Hesitancy in Adventism.

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This would be a worthy forum to attend. Most likely, the ones who need to hear it will turn a deaf ear. Let’s hope the discussion covers the dark money involvement in the conspiracy theories to create the chaos against this present administration. It has been discovered that during the 2010 census, The tea party was developed and funded by Koch brothers, heritage foundation, Sheldon Adelson, and other right wing groups. The same dark money groups have funded the Q anon-conspiracy theories during the 2020 census year. ALEC and the Council for National Policy (the real deep state) groups are also involved in spreading chaos.

Unfortunately, Adventist groups such as fulcrum 7 and Belt of Truth ministries with Scott Rizzo have caught on the bandwagon to spread conspiracies as well. Most likely they are enjoying profiteering by selling tapes and books feeding off the fears that they also generate. They do not understand that the backlash will create a tsunami red tide which will result in the establishment of fascism here. We were told as the storm approaches, many who have adopted the thinking of this world class, a large class, will leave the ranks of the faith.

We can only pray that the scales will fall off these people’s eyes to see the truth of things.


This is a heartbreaking story of an unvaccinated woman who was deeply influenced, as you can see, by the anti-vax ________ (you can fill in the blank) Dr. Peter McCullough. She is now dead from COVID-19. Laura Pepper Allen, 57, Lima, OH, Account Clerk, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID. (

McCullough has been showcased and uplifted by Ron Kelly, pastor of the Village SDA Church, to the entire country. McCullough was the featured speaker at an anti-vax conference, live-streamed across the country, at Kelly’s church last fall. McCullough was the featured speaker at a national event organized by Liberty and Health Alliance, of which Kelly is a co-founder, in Phoenix at Chase Field earlier this month. And McCullough was scheduled to be the featured speaker at the church last weekend, but he apparently fell ill from COVID-19 and was not able to attend. McCullough continues to profit as an anti-vax celebrity, having now raised for himself over $328,000. GiveSendGo - Help Dr Peter McCullough with legal IT travel cost: The #1 Free Christian Fundraising Site.

As McCullough has disseminated disinformation that has proximately caused the death of many unvaccinated people, he has been showcased, uplifted, strengthened, promoted, and trumpeted by Kelly. What responsibility does Kelly bear for misleading the unvaccinated and proximately causing their deaths? How many lives might have been saved if Kelly had made his church an oasis of health and safety rather than the SDA headquarters, as it were, of McCullough?

I hope Michael Scofield is able to broaden his topic beyond SDA vaccine hesitancy and explore the mindset of certain Seventh-day Adventists who remain unbothered by the blood on their hands. I am aware of the Jim Jones mass suicide and the mass death of those who died in a ball of fire at David Koresh’s insular religious compound in Waco. But I am not aware of any event in our SDA history that is comparable to what we are witnessing today.

McCullough’s false claims about COVID-19 and the vaccines are well documented and have been thoroughly refuted. Joe Rogan interview with Peter McCullough contains multiple false and unsubstantiated claims about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines - Health Feedback


The Village Church event last fall was said to be unbiased. What an attender told me was the entire event was anti-vaxx with only the last 15 minutes representing the positive-vaxx side of things.

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The Village SDA Church has historically nursed feelings of resentment and envy toward Andrews University and SDA scholars in general. I had several conversations about this cultural phenomenon with Dr. Orrison, the principal at Andrews Academy, when I studied there over forty years ago. If you resent advanced academic degrees, smart people, the hoity-toity who think you’re middlebrow if not utterly stupid, then the Village SDA Church is your cup of weak tea.

Everyone who knows this community all too well is not surprised that Ron Kelly chose to promote and uplift Dr. Peter McCullough, who has been terminated and sued for fraud by Baylor, rather than rely on an SDA medical expert from Loma Linda, or a local medical expert from Spectrum Health Lakeland Hospital, or a medical expert from a county and state board of health, or anyone else Andrews University would invite to speak. This was Kelly’s provocative way of “sticking it” to Andrews University, our SDA healthcare system, and the upper crust of Seventh-day Adventism.

But the coronavirus is not interested in your feelings. It is not interested in your attempt to make a name for yourself. We can laugh at the social-cultural dynamics at play, but the unvaccinated are dying needless deaths.

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It would be beneficial for Scofield to include a panel discussion with Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough at the event. I much prefer facts, even debated with validations to help me learn truth. However, liberty of conscience is what the end result should be. Praise the Lord for giving us this!

God’s way: Love and freedom, law and truth
Satan’s way: Fear and force, power and deception


I’m sorry you think your opinion is useful. to mention Dr? Peter McCullough this discussion is a nasty way to. show you are supporting anti vaccine attitudes. Sad.

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I come from the perspective that we need to review history. Dr. Faccui prides himself on his AIDS research. I recall a time when as nurse’s we were only allowed to give large dosages of AZT, and AIDS patients were not allowed to have Bactrim as a antibiotic, for their pnemocystic pneumonia. Dr… Faccui would not accept research that had been done on Bactrim for almost 2 years, and would only allow AZT, a very toxic drug. Their was a theory if you touched a AIDS patient you would get the disease. So much fear and suffering going on that it reminds me of this time of Covid. The nonstop newsmedia elevation of a pandemic that has been more of a marketing campaign of fear. The lack of science coming through our tv’s has been most remarkable. What happened to protecting our elderly? Where is the research of natural immunity that hasn’t happened from the CDC? Why is early treatment not a priority, and the vaccine being the only lifeline? I was amazed how Hydroxychoroquine was ok for Cornaviruses in 2010 by Dr. Faccui, but was turned into something evil at the start of the pandemic. The retracted research in the Lancet about the Hydroxychoroquine being harmful. Why can’t the FDA share data with independent research, and our personal physicians without having to sue for it? Asking for 75 years to release research data makes them appear like they are withholding information. There is such protection of liability from any product a vaccine company produces. It has been that way since 1986. The denial over, that no one can have a significant reaction to a pharmaceutical product is unreal. In the medical profession we see drug reactions quite frequently. I would rather see someone be prepared, with a epipen at home that has a variety of allergies, then be told they will be fine, and have their life unravel at home. I personally want personalized care from my own physician, not parroting version of what Pfizer says. We need to bring back noncensored independent science, and quit labeling everyone a antivaxer that might have a different opinion.


Did you listen to the seminar earlier today? Your questions and suppositions seem to indicate you did not.

Love one another and thy neighbor as thyself.

Greater love hath no man than to give up his life for another.

And now abideth faith, hope, and love, but the greatest of these is love.

Love for one’s fellow man, woman and child is what the end result should be.

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I’m so thankful for Dr. Fauci, his fellow scientists and researchers at the NIH, the continuing knowledge increasing on epidemiology, and the outstanding research that set us up a decade ago for the successful creation of vaccinations. I’m thankful for I’m thankful for Dolly Parton and her million dollar contribution to Vanderbilt University for vaccination research resulting in vaccinated citizens. I’m thankful for the objective press (not those with an anti-vax agenda) for straightforward reporting on Covid-19, interviews with top epidemiologists and specialists who have made this their life work. I’m thankful for a denomination that focuses on medicine, research, and caring for the life quality of all, saving lives, and prioritizing health.


Looks like that is what truthisfreedom is stating.
Staying alive so that he/she can continue to share his/her life to help others. Maybe he/she already has natural immunity and has chosen to take a pass on the shot so others can have one for them. That is the beauty of liberty of conscience, to allow God to lead one’s conscience. Letting others and governments control your conscience isn’t sacrifice, it’s compliance.

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