La Sierra University Church Celebrates Ordination of Beverly Maravilla

Please site your source for this information and the NAD statement of WHAT IT TAKES.


Congratulations to Beverly Maravilla. Even La Sierra still lacks the courage to ordain someone from the LGBT community, but, and this may make you laugh, ordaining a beautiful woman who isn’t afraid to sport a nose piercing is a step in the right direction. I don’t know why that part was removed from this story because it may be the most significant thing for a lot of Adventists who are on the fence. I was glad LSUC left it in the promo picture.

This ordination wasn’t an ordinary event. It was taking a stand against the oppressive global order of the Adventist Church!

Now onwards for equality.

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You are reading your own scripture…how dare you: “the scriptures do not allow women to be in positions of authority in the church…” THIS IS JUST A BIG LIE!!!


why is La Sierra so rebellious?..and proud of it?..just curious…

Now that time have elapsed and the “year of grace” has been completed (in Oct/2017) we can look back and see the length the GC - in the person of its president - is willing to go.

Just look at the insanity that happened during the AC/2017: asking people to sign a “loyalty agreement” that they could barely read because it was on purpose given to them at the last minute. Talk about “manuring maneuvering!”… And all done in the name of religions? No wonder the manipulative maneuver was voted down!!!

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Try this…There’s only a letter difference between MAD & SAD.