La Sierra University President Wisbey Announces Plans to Step Down

January 8, 2019

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — ( Randal R. Wisbey, president of La Sierra University since 2007, announced today that he will step down from the presidency on June 30 of this year.

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Unquestionably , Doctor Wisbey has presided over stellar growth and splendid accomplishments at La Sierra!

Being a college / university president of an Adventist institution is the most challenging and precarious position in all of church employment.

These scholar / administrators walk a constant tight rope between maintaining academic freedom ( allowing the teaching staff unfettered instruction ) and fending off big time donors who think their monetary gifts allow them to dictate campus policy.

Regrettably, La Sierra has been perceived as Adventism’s most liberal institution of higher learning . Thus allowing it to become the target practice of every crackpot taking potshots.

A fusillade of fake news, inaccurate aspersions and unfair allegations from remote critics who had zero local vested interest and no skin in the game!

The ultimate insult was from Jay Gallimore, former president of the SDA MICHIGAN CONFERENCE , who vetoed Michigan Conference employees from sending their college age children to La Sierra!

Positive boosters are the sublime climate ( only Honolulu would be more Edenic ) and its proximity both to LAX, a major international air hub, and the huge metropolitan agglomeration of LA with its museums, cultural offerings, intern opportunities ad infinitum…

The huge number of non Adventists enrolled, attest to La Sierra’s reputation for academic excellence. The huge campus acreage, allows for an almost unlimited growth of student enrollment.

BON VOYAGE, Professor Wisbey, enjoy a splendid retirement of good health and much happiness!


Dr. Wisbey did a great job, as did his predecessors Dr. Guy and Dr. Geraty. Hope the next President will be as competent as they all were.

Enjoy retirement Dr. Wisbey! (I highly recommend it!!!.. :wink: )


All the best to the Wisbeys! I have felt he brought excellence to LaSierra, and gave outstanding leadership. When I am on the campus I am encouraged by the culture - young adults who honestly ask questions and examine their faith. It is a great place to learn and grow.


I am still searching for the right superlatives to describe my sense of Dr. Wisbey’s legacy. I think he is one of the greatest leaders in the modern history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I hope he can find time to write a book, or at least a series of essays, on Seventh-day Adventist leadership.


WIsbey will have served 12 years as president, second only to his predecessor, Lawrence Geraty who served 14 years.
Kudos for Wisbey’s very successful tenue!

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