La Sierra University Signs Educational Agreement with U.S. Navy—and More News

"Leaders of La Sierra University and the U.S. Navy’s Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Corona Division signed a memorandum of understanding that officially establishes an educational partnership between the institutions that has been several years in the making in October," the university’s website announced.

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this is quite an opportunity for students at La Sierra…i hope at least a few can make the most of it…

It’s so nice that Southern Adventist University invited the legendary Carl Bernstein to speak. Many Southerners, including those who live in Tennessee, particularly in the rural parts, struggle with poverty, unemployment, ignorance, lack of education, lack of quality health care, racism, anti-Semitism, and Deaths of Despair. They have been easy marks for the con man and grifter, Donald Trump. I feel so sorry for these people. We cannot give up on them. Southern Adventist University should be and is a light, a witness, to these people. Let us all during this holiday season remember our Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities as we plan our end-of-year giving.

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I wish Bernstein would revisit the article he wrote in The Rolling Stone back in 1977. The article showed the collusion between the most powerful media and the CIA working together. Here is the link:

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Not sure what this relationship means. Needs an explanation.

Sorry to see an SDA campus getting involved in politics. I am becoming more disillusioned over Adventist institutions and thought leaders being involved in partisan politics and alienating many members and interested persons.
I see no explanation of how Trump harmed the poor or what the abuses were. That would at least give some factual basis. How do we compare that with what is happening now? Which is worse? There is no basis for one over the other. What is the con? It’s leading vulnerable students to deny what they see with their own eyes and and fall victim to media propaganda. Pure partisan politics infiltrating colleges as they do in the world. Will it stop or is this the beginning of something ominous?
I would say the same thing if it were pro Trump or against Biden. Appears Bernstein is trying to replay his glory days. Can he be trusted?

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i’m not too sure, either…to me, though, an “educational partnership” implies some kind of transfer capacity of credits between La Sierra and the Navy…maybe kids in the Navy can complete their degrees at La Sierra, and vice versa…and maybe kids can train at La Sierra to join the Navy when they graduate…whatever it is, it sounds like an opportunity exists now that wasn’t there before…

when i was a kid at AUC, i knew someone who was spending his wknds, and some wkdys, training to man a submarine in the Navy, so that he could work for the Navy when he graduated (his dad was a military man)…maybe the program at La Sierra expedites this type of thing…

Did you see the news in the article about Bernstein speaking at Southern? It’s a response to that. I had read this article several years ago and thought it was an interesting piece by him. It only relates to the mention of Bernstein.


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