Lake County Adventist Churches Embrace California Fire Victims, Firefighters and Volunteers

Wildfires have again forced many residents to evacuate their homes in Northern California as the Clayton fire continues to blaze. The fire started on August 13 off highway 29 by Clayton Creek. Cal Fire reports that almost 4,000 acres have burned since, and the fire is 65% contained. Nearly 2,000 fire fighters have worked to put out the blaze.

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This is a wonderful opportunity to do as Jesus did those in need around us.God Bless all of you

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Lake County Adventist Churches are on the side of the angles. Heaven of high motion entirely surrounded by emotion of love…let it be a preserving custom of traditional follow-up hard to get rid of…something never forgotten they easily find. Thank you so much.

I have known Pastor randy Brehms since we went to Monterey Bay academy 50 years ago. He has really led his church in Lakeport in a way to meet human need where it really counts. “People will never care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Teddy Roosevelt

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