Lake Region President Addresses Racial Unrest After Kenosha Police Shooting

This why from now on I won’t ever walk in front of cops. Ever! You know…, we never know…

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That’s how I see it also Jeremy. The guy was unarmed, why didn’t four cops just surrounded him and dominated him physically?

Well, I guess they were surprised when they realized that someone was videotaping their brutal shooting of an unarmed guy in the back. Yes, cops better not count on any privacy for their acts nowadays anymore. As I say, from now on I am pulling my phone on them when I see any police activity.

Yes, there was a warrant for his imprisonment; but it didn’t say “Wanted, alive or dead!” … Now they have him, neither alive nor dead, just paralyzed… Congratulations! :roll_eyes:

I see two separate issues on this:

  1. His problem with the law, the warrant, etc.
  2. A shooting of an unarmed person 7 times in the back.

Any attempt to mix them will end up in an unending, futile argumentation.


Maybe all the smart cops have resigned, not wanting to be spat at, hit by rocks, and ultimately killed. What they have left are jittery cops.


Oh sure, that’s certainly a possibility. I fully agree…

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I think that there is also a percentage of police officers who are not out hunting people of color but find “having authority” to be sexy. I know that is not the right adj. You Elmer or Kim could help with the mental condition, but they are given authority where maybe in their life they never even became milk monitor. Now they have authority having never had real practice and they make poor choices.
The Richard Jewel story is kind of a example of what I am trying to say. Unfortunately these type of individuals are not weeded out and people get hurt.

But there is also a problem with particularly males of all colors that are Peacocks. Any challenge real or imagined is met with a full load of testosterone. Get the wrong combination and again bad things happen. Having a good father figure be it a dad, uncle, teacher, etc. helps a great deal in controlling that testosterone.


There are two things that some people cannot live without: POWER & CONTROL.

Every single case of domestic violence has this component. There are many police officers (all color imaginable!) that suffer from this malady. There are many religious people that have the same problem.

Now, give someone like that a firearm, and man… they will feel the POWER and will exert the CONTROL for good.


The truth of the matter is to not resist arrest since the resister is likely to be the loser, regardless of skin color.


We have talked about Power and Control with police and I find a percentage of this personality trait in pastors and church leaders. Like police, I believe it to be a small percentage. What makes it disturbing at least for myself is that they seem to rise to the top making it appear as if they all have that trait. Young inexperienced police, pastors etc. become intimidated hence we see them standing by when bad actors engage in terrible acts. Such was the case with GF. I think we could point to the same thing in church leadership. Probably more than one pastor has felt intimidation in WO and other items in church business.


Mr, Tichy, you need to spend some time in law enforcement shoes. This was a violent criminal who was armed and not complying. He stated that he was going to get his weapon and with intention was retrieving it. What are the officers suppose to do? They already used their less than lethal options twice with no effect. Should they let him retrieve his weapon and attempt to kill them? Or should they protect themselves any the public by neutralizing the threat. That is what they did. It is not helpful for untrained, uniformed people to arm chair quarterback a scenario that they were not at.

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This article makes me extremely sad for the SDA church. For a conference and denominational leader to distort the facts so badly and blatantly advocate for criminals is not ok. As an SDA law enforcement and fire chaplain, and as a retired fire chief, I take great exception with phrases like “unjustified” in reference to the officers who had to deal with this multi-crime criminal. I work day in and day out with the good men and women of our first responders. They do not meet the definition of this author or the media at all. Police are not indiscriminately targeting or killing minorities. In fact, data shows quite the opposite. All a person needs to do is go to the FBI website and research the empirical data. I am deeply troubled at the level in which place like the Pacific Union, Northern California, Lake Region and the NAD have blatantly decided to side with criminal organizations like BLM and advocate for criminals and their behavior against mankind. I would be more than willing to debate any of these SDA leaders on this topic anytime.


One of the things I hope that might come to light in that this particular shooting victim survived is this: What was Jacob Blakes state of mind after having had a significant dose of electrical current surge through his brain?

We are seeing more and more situations where people are tazed and then seem to act in ways that are inexplicably irrational and self defeating…right before they are shot to death by the police.

Can we imagine a man getting tazed and then becoming so disoriented in his brain that he gets up and just walks away to get in his car and leave?

Additionally is it possible that in todays environment there may exist a latent post traumatic stress within black men that causes them to panic in fear for their life when being accosted by police?

I find it uncanny how the recent victim who was hooded and suffocated to death instinctively seemed to sense he was going to die. “y’all tryin to kill me” were his exact words.

What does that do to the psyche of black men everywhere?

It would seem to me law enforcement needs to take sincere measures reclaim it’s credibility in the mind of black males and the mere demand for respect from the position an authoritarian obligation is an over simplified and unrealistic approach. After all even God found fault with the Old Covenant and switched to grace instead of authoritarianism. Should we think this divine example would be inapplicable to our human institutions?


Mr. Ogan,
I am always stunned when a comment starts saying, “… you need to.…” in response to a statement of my opinion on an issue. And I say, “no, I do not need to do anything that you are telling me that I need to do.” Why would I? I don’t even know you!

Now, regarding the case in question, I guess cops should check their tasers daily to see if they can count on them if needed. Those weapons were indeed “less than lethal;” they didn’t even work at all… :roll_eyes:

Maybe I missed it, but so far nobody could produce the “weapon” that he was trying to retrieve. I agree that the cops needed to protect themselves; the shooter and his colleagues were in such an advantage position that they could easily grab him from the back - after all, they have the training, don’t they? The problem is not just the shooting in the back, it is shooting 7 bullets. Seven!

I may be in disadvantage on this particular issue, sure, because I was not there. You speak so assertively though, that I have the impression that you were there, therefore, you must be much better informed than the rest of us who only watched the video.

Just my opinion. You don’t “need to” do anything with it.
Be well.


For me the problem is not the number of shots. It’s in the back that really troubles me. It’s not the knee in the neck that bothers me it’s the 8 plus minutes. It’s not the no knock law it’s the wrong person.
It seems to be incompetent malpractice. It’s like a Dr. cutting off the wrong leg. It’s like lawyers lying to a judge etc. There is misfeasance in every profession but malfeasance should not be excused because it comes with intent in most cases. Shooting in the back is not misfeasance it’s malfeasance and at the very least attempted murder.


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