Lake Union Conference Says Racism Led to Regional Conference, Formally Apologizes

In Revelation, SDAs preachers preach that “The Remnant” will keep the Commandments of God. Will have the “Faith of Jesus”.
One of the Two Commandments that Jesus said there were was "Love [an ACTION word] one’s neighbor."
The SDA church preachers have NOT been preaching this Commandment. The SDA church has not been promoting THIS commandment. The SDA church members have not been living THIS Commandment.

The “Faith of Jesus” was a Faith that Embraced. Embraces ALL “races”, ALL people from every culture, every life-style. And yet, from this Story, and from the other story on Spectrum, “Perspective: How Deep Is Skin?” we find that SDA preachers are not preaching “The Faith of Jesus”. So in our Universities we STILL exhibit dis-taste for others who are NOT the same skin-tone color as I am. This did-taste, this shunning of other, this view of LESS is deeply imbeded in SDA culture around the world, and it is still being passed on from one Generation to a Younger Generation, and shows up openly in our Universities themselves, and is not even corrected there.

Jesus said, on that Last Thursday night, They will know you by your love.
Perhaps it is BETTER to be Known by our Love, than by SDA-ism “Keeping the Commandments”. and NOT being about The Second Great Commandment.


An apology is an admission of guilt.

So, does this apology open the way to, for example, lawsuits by church workers who feel they were denied access to resources, on the basis of racism?