Lake Union Youth Petition U.S. Government on Immigration and Gun Control

To everyone I inadvertently replied to because I don’t know exactly how to respond directly to a commenter, I am sorry…

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That will be the same time when chicken start growing teeth… :wink:


We have laws in place that allow for legitimate asylum seekers. There isn’t room here for everyone who is oppressed. I don’t profess to know the ideal solution, but it’s certainly not open borders, which would allow both the good and the bad to enter indiscriminately.

It’s quite a stretch to compare evil men like Hitler to what’s going on in this country. Hitler murdered anyone who got in his way. While I don’t completely understand the rationale behind the current policy, at least these kids, and their parents, get free meals.

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I agree with you.
But,… wait, I didn’t say that!

You are right regarding the crimes against humankind that we are seeing being perpetrated in the US. Not only one, but several similarities with Hitler’s tactics. And what astonishes me the most :astonished: is that our Congress is dead from the neck up - though their pockets are still very “functional.”

Anyone who defends anyone who separate children from their parents is basically a “Hitlerist” - and I don’t care how many S Schools a year they teach! They are completely blind. They are defending Trump, the guy who could stop this abuse with one signature, but instead he is enforcing it and blaming the Democrats? Some people are so…, well, to be nice I must say… “naive”…

This is one issue that really makes me :angry: :angry: :angry:

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It’s all fine, don’t get discouraged.
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That’s what some bigoted among us are saying about slavery. “The slaves had it so much better than when they were in Africa”. You might want to leave that out next time.

I am well aware that we can’t, nor should we take in everyone. We have, obviously, passed the point where we can welcome everyone who wants to come here. But we had a system where we had asylum for those truly being persecuted…that has pretty much gone by the wayside. And I can assure you tarring family’s apart is not the answer.

And where is it found in scripture in red letters? “Verily I say to you, let the babies, the children, the nursing babes be removed from their loving parents when they seek relief from gangs, rape, and oppression. Let those who have refuse to assist, slam the door and separate the children without hearing their complaints. For these are the words I have spoken and which I will ask on that Great Day of Judgment: Did you resist the oppressed and refuse them entry into your cities?”

Other governments have separated children and parents. Visiting these grounds is a sobering and chilling experience. Are we repeating history?

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  1. What is the connection between free meals and tearing apart a relationship between parents and children, basically making them orphans after they fled their countries d/t human rights reasons?

  2. I cannot believe someone - any human being, much less a Christian - could with sanity write a statement like that. So insensitive to those people’s situation! Before I was born (1950) my parents fled the Communist Czechoslovakia in 1947 or so, with three children. They were received in Belgium and later on in France by sensitive (non-SDA!!!) people, who helped them in many ways, though financially they were OK and didn’t need “free meals.”

  3. Your comment is very offensive to people like “us” that have some connection with history of persecution in their own country. I reject ANY religion that supports/teaches what you apparently believe. This is NOT from the God I know!

  4. Nobody is talking about open borders. This is just fallacious/distracting rhetoric! We are talking about breaking families d/t a political agenda ONLY. The only way Trump can blame Democrats for what HE is doing. Christians should repudiate this manure and take a stand for what is Christlike and right. They…, “should”… Many do!

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Proud of our church in the Pacific Union for this statement:

Read the statement here


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Apparently “they” are, not “we!”… :wink:

  1. Crimes against humanity (brutally breaking families)
  2. Destroying freedom of press by discrediting everyone who reports their corruption
  3. Finding it enjoyable to be in company of dictators and people who oppress their citizens and kill their enemies
  4. Lying to the crowds openly, over and over again
  5. Protecting criminals by helping them to circumvent the penalties of the law
  6. Breaking commitments and not honoring promises & treaties.
  7. Protecting the wealthy and taxing the middle class, with no regard for the poor people.

Should I continue the list that describes…, oh,… Hitler, OF COURSE!!!..:wink:

Well, in those days there were some Adventists supporting that kind of government. So, it wouldn’t surprise me if history repeated itself…

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YES! My Union President. Proud of him and his colleagues.

Still last night I was wondering if Ted Wilson will denounce that crime by the Federal Government. As far as I know, the black suited guys upstairs are all in the hiding so far. Am I mistaken? :thinking:

Tell that to the left wingers who obstruct any efforts to enforce our immigration laws, such as the mayors of “sanctuary cities,” who can’t find any reason to deport an illegal alien.

There is a difference between legitimate asylum seekers, and the many scofflaws who sneak across the border and blend into the background, taking up resources which should be available for legal residents. But the moonbats on the left can’t seem to tell the difference.

I’m not defending the goverment’s handling of the current situation. It seems like an attempt to discourage others from trying to enter, but the ends don’t justify the means. If these are legitimate asylum seekers, they should be processed according to the law. If they are not, they should be sent packing. But as bad as the current policy may look, these individuals are not being tortured, starved, beaten, or otherwise mistreated, as would be the case in certain other countries.

And I reject the notion that slaves were better off here, than when they were free in Africa.

Oh, of course not! They are ONLY having their families broken, children being taken from their parents. And this is happening in the United States of America?

What happened to America? Why is the Country so sick???
What happened to the Americans that support this atrocity???

You obviously do not know the physical and psychological deleterious effects of children being separated from their parents. The effects are long lasting and worse than the short term effects of being “tortured, starved …” As such, I caution you into refraining from pontification. You have it all wrong.


The North American Division has released a statement called “Suffer the Little Chldren.”

“Suffer the Little Children …” read it here:

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Thank Goodness. These are asylum seekers whose cases have not be heard yet. That’s the difference. The people you call “moonbats” are just asking that procedural policies to process refugees be kept humane and according to the previous policy that did not rip children from parents. I think EGW would agree with humane family processing and would be a “moonbat,” a new term I’ve never heard applied to her. :open_mouth::astonished::anguished:

As much as I disagree with Trump on many issues, I’m tired of him being compared to Hitler. Ask anyone who actually lived under Hitler, and there is no comparison. I’ve read enough WWII stories to know that there is a vast difference.

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It’s not the asylum seekers that I have issues with, it’s the illegal aliens and their defenders on the left, the ones who are here drawing on our resources, making no attempt to comply with immigration laws. The “moonbats” of whom I’m speaking, make no difference between legitimate asylum seekers, and those who just sneak across the border for various other reasons.

I’m not sure who coined the term, “moonbat.” But it generally refers to those out on the fringes of the left who appear to have lost their ability to think rationally and logically, and champion the most bizarre causes.

Am I understanding that you condone families being broken up under the order and defense of Jeff Sessions? And those who oppose families divided up by “government” as Godly, legal, and in the best interest of the children? That people who oppose Sessions’s policy (as he tried to defend using Paul in Romans) are Moonbats?

The ripping of families apart is immoral. It’s a policy choice made by this administration. It’s reprehensible and outside the commandment of “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Indefensible.



We should not be tearing families apart. We should send the entire family back.

And we should ban no-fault divorce, which rips far more families apart in this country than the admittedly bad immigration policy.