Larry Geraty: Legend of Adventism (Part 2) — Adventist Voices

Continuing our Legends of Adventism series, Dr. Larry Geraty shares leadership insights into his decades leading institutions like Atlantic Union College and La Sierra University. Additionally, he shares anecdotes about protecting freedom of expression on campuses and speaks personally about how he finds meaning in Adventism. 

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I appreciate Larrys comments on what is going on in our church. Most SDA’s do not realize how deep in world church polity the “works as essential to earn salvation” exist, case in point: Des Ford crucifixion I have an Eastern Europian friend who worked in translating published EGW works and he said that whole paragraphs of her later writings are omitted and other statements are doctored before published, in a given language. So her late views regarding the Gospel and righteousness by faith are altered . Incredible, almost unbelievable hypocrisy.

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