Lawsuit Accuses Church of Naming Convicted Child Molester Pathfinder Leader

Two men are suing the Seventh-day Adventist Church for $13.5 million for allegedly allowing a convicted child molester to be a Pathfinder youth leader.

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And BBC news today of UK court allowing imprisoned convicted rapist in assisted suicide, for he knows he cannot stop himself…

This issue is a much more serious business than some people have thought. How many times have we heard that there are some kinds of psychological deviations that appear to have no cure. Thus, when there is evidence of a person being affected by such deviation, no amount of precaution is enough.

For some reason there is a certain tendency on the part of some to diminish the gravity of the problem. Just remember how many people were outspoken (here at Spectrum) about the PIPIM CASE (Pipim-gate?), defending him at the cost of completely ignoring even the existence of a victim. Just because she was a woman??? It looks like!


In 1954 I was molested by the principal of the SDA school I was attending. I was in the third grade. My mother reported the incident to the church school board. Nothing was done. This principal was moved around from SDA school to school for many years. In the 80s I saw this same principal at the Paradise, CA SDA church, he was surrounded by giggling, blushing pre-teen and teenage girls. He had a reputation for flirting with the young girls among the students at the Paradise Junior Academy. Many years had passed since the incident in 1954 but I was still very interested in attempting to have him exposed as a pedophile that should should not be around children. He was only stopped when his wife found him molesting their daughter. If the statute of limitations had not run out, I would still legally pursue this man for the harm he has caused me. I have always wondered how many other children he has molested.

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This is a lesson for everyone: molestation needs to be immediately reported to the police, not to the loving brothers at the church board. Predators must go jail, not to another school or church to just make more victims.

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Absolutely George…go directly to the police, NOT to the church.

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