Leadership to Change on Spectrum Website

On Wednesday March 1, Alisa Williams assumes the role of managing editor of the Spectrummagazine.org website, replacing Jared Wright who requested a part-time reporting position to allow for more time with his family.

Wright was named managing editor in 2014, the first person to hold the position. Previously he had served as a pastor in the Southeastern California Conference. One of his first decisions was to convert the blog section of the website to a news section. Then came the task of preparing coverage of the 2015 General Conference Session in San Antonio, Texas, where the Spectrum Twitter feed took off, giving followers a minute-by-minute take on the Session events. The website audience has grown significantly under his direction as he expanded the use of social media. By breaking several significant stories from South Africa and Argentina, he has also helped to increase the international news coverage on the site.

Alisa Williams brings a strong background in writing, editing and management to her new full-time position as Spectrum’s managing editor. She has served since January, 2015 as Spectrum’s Spirituality Section Editor. Williams has also overseen annual giving campaigns at Saint Mary's College and at Andrews University before that.

“I’ve learned so much from Jared during my two years as editor of Spectrum’s Spirituality Section,” Williams said. “I’m excited for the opportunity to step into the role of managing editor, and honored to contribute to the important work of independent Adventist journalism.”

Wright explains his request for a part-time position saying, “One of the hardest parts of this job, speaking as a relatively new dad, has been the time away from home covering events like Annual Council and Year-end Meetings. So I’m very grateful that Spectrum has been able to accommodate my request to do something that will allow me to continue reporting and to be more present with my family.”

Wright will begin a newly-created role as Southern California correspondent, focusing on West Coast healthcare and educational news in particular.

In praise of Williams as his successor Wright wrote in a social media post announcing the change, “It seems as though this particular moment in history calls for strong, independent journalism like never before, and I'm pleased to say that Spectrum has never been better equipped to answer that call than it is now.”

Bonnie Dwyer is Editor of Spectrum.

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I am in a constant state of astonished AWE at the plethora of news, interviews,
essays, commentaries, articles, which flow from Spectrum’s fountain!

Within hours of breaking news at the GC, or any of our far flung Divisions, Spectrum has the SCOOP, in full authentic detail.

To accomplish this with a small staff and limited funding is incredible.

My only complaint is that even though I am retired, I do not have the time to read, let alone digest all the weekly content that is posted.

No wonder Jared is asking for more “family time”!
He must have been working an eighty hour week!

KUDOS to Jared and the entire Spectrum operation.



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Website Editor


Congratulations, Alisa! Thank you, Jared, for your hard work! I read Spectrum. You guys are so busy. Alisa, brace yourself. The job requires untiring hours and a strong backbone! :slight_smile: Praying for your continued ministry.


Thanks Robin, Rohan and Rosalie not only for your gracious comments, but also for the chance to enjoy a little alliteration at your expense. :grin:

It’s been my pleasure to serve as this website’s managing editor, and I’m confident that the best is yet to come for the website and the organization!

Welcome, once again, Alisa!


Thank you Jarad and indeed all of the Spectrum team. Without your diligence and passion many of us would remain in ignorance of the real issues.
God bless the Spectrum organisation, We have nothing to fear from truth! Jim.From Ausie.


Thanks Jared for entering a unique and needed “ministry” to the church. Blessings and health in your future endeavors!!


Accidently deleted my post! Apologies. Spectrum isn’t the easiest website to navigate on a smartphone.

Anyway, I’ll say again : thanks for all of your inspirational thoughts over the years, Jared.

Welcome Alisa! Thanks for your explanation regarding the lounge/main comments sections. I hope to see the two merged again one day.