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George –
This past Sunday I saw an amazing demonstration of Grace. I skipped Sunday school
after choir and attended a Baptist church on the south side of town. At the end of the
sermon, the pastor introduced a number who would be joining the church. I know
several leaders there who hold that Gay is not considered correct. But the pastor introduced
this one young man who was a friend of another young man who was a member. And
mentioned that they plan to be married in the future. It was amazing to hear this. What
Grace to proclaim it in front of their 450 member congregation.
I thought of the verse, and the Call that should be in every Christian’s mouth – “Whosoever
will MAY come.” – no exceptions.

Too bad SDAs are trained to Check “ID’s” at the door – first!

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“ID’s” usually do not reveal mistresses, lists of lies, malicious thinking, hidden unpaid taxes, illegal business practices, politicking in church affairs, …

Do I need to continue the list in order to make my point?.. :wink:

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An observation. A friend is a historian of ancient history, i.e., the same time as the Old Testament. She points out that in Bible times, a judge was supposed to be on the side of the plaintiff. Thus, Christ’s example of the woman seeking justice from the unjust judge was pointing out what would have been obvious to the listeners–the judge wasn’t doing his job. Christ, as the righteous judge (one with the Father, remember) is on our side.

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