Less Rugged, Less Individualism

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EGW didn’t mention having a remedy or antidote for disengagement because she didn’t have one.

In fact and instead, she was-and still is-a polarizing icon who encouraged isolation not only from the secular (read “sinful”) human community but also abetted-and still does-internecine separation of Adventists from other Adventists.

As I’ve mentioned previously, my parents used to kinda joke/kinda not about the time my mom literally threw EGW’s Book TGC at my dad for refusing to stop watching Haystack Calhoun and the other “rasselers” on Monday Night Fights. And based on the content of her nine volumes of gossipy testimonies to the church, EGW would not necessarily have discouraged my mom from taking her “writings” this seriously,

Similarly, I find amusing/not funny the old SDA habit used in the article of mentioning Mrs. White when trying to prove one’s point; here in an appeal for more community and less individualism. This, a person who, if nothing else, claimed to be absolutely unique and displayed a lifelong penchant for drawing attention to herself and her supposedly supernatural, and profoundly isolated, sessions with her spirit guide, or allegedly sometimes even with Jesus himself, by all accounts a confirmed bachelor who reportedly tended toward segregation along spiritual lines, not only from the world but even from his followers, on more than one occasion.


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