Let’s Think Strategically

(Tim Teichman) #61

No. I’ll never send the GC another red cent. Or the CCC.

(George Tichy) #62

“No honey… no money!” :wink:

(Ed Reifsnyder) #63

Just a quick summation of your preferences in this very-small-sample-statistically-invalid-but-none-the-less-interesting exercise. It will be interesting to compare with happens at the NAD meetings over the next few days.

The three options listed below received the most “Likes.”

17 Likes: Option #4: Reduce the percentage of tithe the North American Division sends to the GC from the current 6% to 2% to adjust the NAD’s tithe contribution to the same level as other divisions.

17 Likes: Option #9: Dissenting divisions/unions engage in an aggressive communications initiative to tell the story of why they have taken the positions they have, and why they propose moving in the directions they take.

13 Likes: Option #5: Dissenting unions/conferences immediately take action to begin ordaining women in their territory if they are not already doing so.

The next highest “vote” getter with eight votes was Option #7: Dissenting divisions/unions/conferences/institutions set an example to the world of greater transparency and accountability based on enhanced constituency functionality. Personally, I think this one is important even if not exciting.

I want to thank all of you who participated. Blessings!

(George Tichy) #64

I believe that one of the major needs is information to the public. It is disconcerting seeing how many church members are disinformed about what happened at the AC18.

I think that the NAD has a priority, which is to publish a summary of the AC/18 and distribute to every member in its territory. Short and straight to the point. Because the GC will never do it, for them the less info being publicized the better. But the Church members have the right to know what is going on.

(Melissa Kristine Walden) #65

#'s 7 and 8 breed unity with breathing space…most others seem to tend toward “feelings” based direction.

(Spectrumbot) #66

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