Let There Be Light! A Multisensory Sabbath Liturgy

From out of the darkness, God's original abode, come the words "Let there be light!"

Experience Sabbath worship through the prism of light and darkness. This multisensory liturgy combines creative soundscapes with visual meditations. Welcome to an online space for meditation and prayer, and the restoration of the soul. Let there be light!

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with respect to “ancients”, the sheer vastness and complexity of the universe is so staggering, if there is an intelligence behind it all - and how could there not be - it really points to a type of being who is altogether beyond our ability to comprehend…“what is man, that thou art mindful of him - and the son of man, that thou visitest him”…


Palpable celestial beauty…thanks for giving us a human slice of Heaven here on earth! As a creative person, I appreciate when you post things like this.

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Is it possible that going from an agrarian society of the Middle Ages [when the Mystics roamed the earth and talked about God] through the Industrial Age, and to now the Age of City Living, that we have stripped ourselves of the ability and the possibilities of enjoying total sensory experience of our environment.
In most places there is no such thing as a “dark starry night”. Too much ambiance from city lights glowing in the atmosphere. Enjoyment of the Full Moon is hid by buildings, especially when it comes up huge and orange over the horizon.
We have lost our fields of “wild flowers”, or walks in forests, now we have well manicured city parks. Our “wild animals” are at the most a lone squirrel.
The personages of the Bible, especially those who wrote the Old Testament were people of the Earth, Playing in Dirt all day long was their work AND recreation. We have difficulty understanding that, comprehending that, as we seldom even see Dirt, much less enjoy the sensory-ness of Dirt – dry AND wet. They saw what the Earth – Dirt – exuded from itself. They enjoyed the fruits, the beauty, the vastness.
Reading of their enjoyment is difficult to comprehend. And so we attempt to provide modern day exclamations of the ancient texts. And miss the emotion, the sensory experience of eyes, ears, mouth, taste, full body sensual wrappings on the skin feeling sun, and wind, snow and ice all enveloping one with tickling fingers…