Letter Reignites Controversy Surrounding Paul Ratsara Plagiarism Scandal

(George Tichy) #22

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was promoted and doing well. After all, maybe writing a dissertation for the boss is just a “minor fraud,” and may not affect one’s job, right???

What about the “religious arena?”… :wink: :nauseated_face:

What is new, uh, Harrpa???


It looks like, currently, Hopeson Bonya (‘Ghostwriter’) is serving as one of the SID Vice Presidents, and is on the SID Executive Committee. Interesting…


(George Tichy) #24

So… he was actually promoted after confessing to the fraudulent job?
Who would tell, uh? :wink: :wink:

(jeremy) #25

it isn’t a question of being diagnosed with a psychosis…some apparently normal people are highly susceptible to the trade winds of a witch hunt, going out of their way to cooperate so as not to suffer the torture of wondering whether they’re guilty themselves…and of course there are always scheming individuals, quick to discern an opportunity to advance themselves…

not if the known facts are allowed to serve as a guide…

george, with your background and education, you should be the first to suspect that something may be amiss in your conclusions, just from the fact that they are shaped so closely to what you want to see concluded…this should be your first clue that other conclusions may be more legitimate…

i’m saying this is a possibility, given the known facts…we don’t know how stable bonya is, or whether he isn’t secretly positioning himself to advantage…

i think it’s reasonable to believe that UNISA has objective tools at its disposal that the GC doesn’t…and for all we know, TW may have perceive this situation for what it was, which is why he encouraged ratsara to stay on as SID president…

oh, i think it has been…perhaps you weren’t part of the conversation that first attended this story here on spectrum…ratsara, and even charles, were simply proxies for the real prize, which definitely was a TW impeachment, if not a voluntary resignation…

i don’t dispute that your take on this story is one possible interpretation…i’m simply suggesting that there are other plausible takes that fit the known facts, and that don’t bury TW…

BINGO…perhaps this was bonya’s motive for concocting a confession that he knew was a hot commodity…

keep in mind that in africa, church administration is considered a posh job…probably half of the hundreds of thousands of converts in that part of the world are choosing baptism because they perceive it to be a step in a financially sound direction…

(reliquum) #26

Bingo. Yet your take on it all is despite this your admission, that he’s crazy is the best legitimate reason. SMH

(George Tichy) #27

He must be OK since he was promoted to a VP position. Or are you really thinking that TW et al would let an unstable guy to be promoted like that?


Bonya is the key to the mystery. The simplistic “he confessed to ghostwriting 5 chapters” because he was, well, “off his rocker” and now he is an executive VP somehow doesn’t cut it.

(Gerald du Preez) #29

It’s been a l-o-n-g time since I’ve responded to my fellow South African. What hasn’t changed is your total ignorance of all things African. In this case your analysis surpasses even the worst patronizing remarks you have ever conjured with regards to your beloved home.

(George Tichy) #30

WOW! Thanks for clarifying this issue so assertively.
I though Jeremy’s comment was completely derailed from reality. And I was right…

(jeremy) #31

perhaps you should have responded to one of your west rand district countrymen, who not too long ago, right here on spectrum, charged administrators in TOC and SAU with essentially all i’ve implied in my comment here…he even had a few choice words for administrators in SID…

but perhaps you believe his expose of SEDCOM, run by your brother, or someone related to you, is also ignorant and patronizing…

(Worried) #32

(Worried) #33

Where would Ratsara get a PhD From the university of Hertfordshire from … this is a copy of the resume he used to apply to UNISA !!!think people think

(Worried) #34

This was Ratsara’s presentation to the GC and SID exco not once does he mention the PHD FROM THE INVERSIRY OF HERFORSHIRE, yet he applies to UNISA with it on his resume.

(Tim Teichman) #35

He didn’t even bother to get the name of the university right. You’d think if he actually went there for 3 - 6 years to get this degree he could at least get the name right. It’s “University or Hertfordshire” not “Hertfordshire University”.


This plot gets thicker and thicker.

Did Bonya write most of the TOSC document as a sidekick to Ratsara? Was that the 5 chapters submitted for the UNISA degree and submitted as the official document from SID? Was this like killing 3 birds with one stone?

Why did Ratsara need another Ph.D.?

Is there a diploma from The University of Hertfordshire as proof of his doctorate in business administration?

What is an “equivalent” master’s degree from Andrews (unfinished)?

(George Tichy) #37

Thanks Clinton. I knew that sooner or later you will produce more documentations that is “highly suspicious.”

You must certainly be Ratsara’s most liked HERO.
Ted Wilson must like you as well…

(Harry Elliott) #38

(A little Latin on the subject:)
We appear to be suffering from an ethical poverty brought on by a Quid Pro Quo arrangement in Africa. What we need is a Robert Mueller with a Pro Bono solution.

(Phillip Brantley) #39

It is interesting that The Compass Magazine’s report, which broke the story, has generated 179 comments. Most posts on that website generate no comments at all. This story has evidently struck a nerve. The Compass Magazine is a nice, center-right website with a large cushion of support from highly-respected thought leaders in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. I hope managing editor Mark Kellner, who is a good journalist, will be able to increase the website’s traffic and relevance. It is safe to say that right now the big three Seventh-day Adventist Church websites are Spectrum, Adventist Review, and The Compass Magazine.


Phillip Brantley, Good to see your comments on The Compass Magazine - regarding Elder Paul Ratsara. You may know that one of their original initiators - who is an Associate Editor (Valmy Karemera) - is a very close friend of Pipim…

(George Tichy) #41

What we need is to educate people to vote every 5 years at the GC conferences.
Oh…, I forgot. They don’t actually vote, they just barely approve the one candidate that is chosen prior by a small group.
So, never mind, just forget the education issue.