Levterov Traces How Early Adventists Eventually Came to Accept Ellen White

(George Tichy) #974

You are right. I am happy, though, that in the area I live things have changed a lot in this regard. There are churches here where one can go on any Sabbath and be sure that the messages presented will be positive, with basically no mention of EGW, with positive encouragement for a Christian life.

But, again, I am so sorry that there are places where the exact opposite happens.

(Kim Green) #975

Not sure about hypnosis lessening the amount of sleep needed but it can greatly deepen your sleep and lengthen it. I know this from personal experience. :grinning: I will ask my online teacher and get back to you on that one.

Interestingly enough, it is fantastic on reducing test taking anxiety and memory recall for students. It is great for stress and anxiety reduction. A friend of mine is using it for this because talk therapy hasn’t been able to help him very much. He says he feels more assertive and less anxious in just 2 sessions so far. It really works for many.

(Kim Green) #976

One needs to be mindful of the fact that Fundamentalism tends to be “rule based”. Judgement tends to follow those “rules”. We should remember that the Sadducees and Pharisees were infamous for their “rules”… and what did Jesus say to them about it?

I am not saying that no good can come out of Adventism but can be a difficult thing to not be too anxious, not judgemental, or conflicted.

(George Tichy) #977

I was just joking with the thing about the sleep. I know, getting better sleep (quality) is one of the benefits of hypnotherapy.

Do you think Satan wants us to have a better sleep and be calmer and more in control of our emotions, or does he want us to have a bad sleep and be anxious, distractible, lacking control of our emotions, etc.? Got my point, right?

(Kim Green) #978

The longer the church exists, the longer the time to “morph” into something it was not meant to be. Proof of this is the current state of affairs with WO and LGBT issues. Adventism does not have the answers to these dilemmas and is no different than the many Christian denoms that passes through this valley.

Less and less positivity in the attitudes.

(Johnny Carson) #979

I see two possible reasons for that. Either you didn’t read them or you don’t want to acknowledge them. I cannot assist you with either of those. Good luck! :slight_smile:

(Johnny Carson) #981

Love how you so easily and gently created the double bind there, @Timo. Good work. Interesting that it was ignored in order to level an accusing finger at another sister in Christ. @Bob

(Johnny Carson) #982

So it appears that what you object to, rather than the participants here and their expressed thoughts and ideas, is the name of “Adventist” attached to a place where people are allowed free range of expression in religious belief. In short, it seems what you want is all of us to be in lockstep with you in what you consider to be the proper understanding of Adventism, Christianity, and above all, of God. Would that make you happy? or would you then find something else or somewhere else to unload your unhappiness upon?

(Kim Green) #983

Yep…got it! However, I am sure there are those that will claim that good health is one way that we can be led down the road to perdition. Count on it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Kim Green) #984

There’s always the possibility of amnesia :crazy_face:

(Steve Mga) #985

Years ago when I was operating a nursing home. We had this particular resident that had
a TIA.
She performed everything as though she knew was was going on. No changes in behavior.
She “woke up” about a week later.
She continued to perform her daily activities.
It was just that she “lost” a week’s worth of memories.

(Kim Green) #986

The brain/mind is so fascinating! Patient was on “automatic pilot”.

(Kevin Seidel) #987

He should read a bit about Adventist Forum. It was specifically created to provide a place of open discussion of controversial issues that wouldn’t be discussed in other venues. He acts like he expected a regurgitation of the Sabbath School quarterly.

If you want to be a thinker rather than a reflector of other men’s ideas, you actually have to consider the evidence and look at all sides, especially the ones you disagree with.

(reliquum) #988

@niteguy2, have you ever experienced lucid dreaming? In years past I was avid amateur, studying it (i had the natural ability to enter it easily) and in my studies discovered that there are specific foods and nutrients, as well other practices which enhance and enable this lucidity. It is a remarkable thing to be capable of redirecting threats in nightmares, flying anywhere at wiil, complete with visual cues, fellow travelers (with who one could converse with ad lib) .
No, no psychopharmaceuticals or recreationals were employed! It’s a very fascinating field!

(Steve Mga) #989

No, but I have found myself in my dream enjoying the fantasy experiences, knowing they
were not real. That was weird.
I have only done color once, and that was recently. Some type of nature expedition, and
I was looking at flowers. Otherwise everything is black/white.

(George Tichy) #990

Don’t be surprised if some professor of the law identifies your flying as a ride on the Devil’s back… :laughing:

(Kim Green) #991

ROFL…could it possibly happen any other way?? Hypnagogia is no doubt from the Devil as well. :sleeping:

(Elmer Cupino) #992

What is it about hypnosis that is not acceptable? It is a legitimate means of therapy accepted by George @GeorgeTichy and my professional association. It is not hypnosis but the use of hypnosis that can be abused just like religion. Religion in itself is not bad but can be used to the detriment of others.

Have you practiced hypnosis in a professional way that provided relief for the patient?

(Tim Teichman) #993

How are they in any way inflammatory or provoking? There’s nothing at all wrong with hypnosis.

(Tim Teichman) #994

Then you don’t know what a troll is.

Oh would you just look at the time?! I’ve got to go pour myself my fourth cup of coffee today while I watch an accurate Nova special about evolution, remind myself there is no credible evidence for a global flood, that the earth is very old, that bible writers were products of their time and didn’t have any idea about scientific thought, that the bible isn’t science textbook and doesn’t in any way deal with science. Then I’ll be off to the therapist for another hypnosis session before my dinner of shrimp cocktail, pork chops, and a nice glass of two of Cabernet Sauvignon, before curling up with my copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Expelliarmus!