LGBTIQ+ Adventism with Dave Ferguson β€” Adventist Voices

I chat with Dave Ferguson, Director of Church Relations for Seventh-day Adventist Kinship International, an organization for current and former Adventists who identify as LGBTIQ+. We discuss his work connecting church leaders to Kinship, the power of Kinship Kampmeetings, his commitment to local congressional ministry, and what gives him hope.

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Alexander Carpenter is a board member of Adventist Forum, the organization that publishes Spectrum.

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Excellent interview. Thanks for your continued dedication to raising awareness and living the gospel, Dave!

Thank you for a widening, deepening conversation. It’s a model for productive listening, which is what we (we = humans) profoundly need.

Keep on praying for these poor souls for there is still time for them to recover from the trap they are in. Repentance is available to all!

Thanks for the interview.

You are right. All of us here will certainly be praying for you. There’s still time.

Actually I am normal and have been free all my life so your prayer has been answered before you even asked. Thanks much!

Yes, our church leaders are rather lost - seemingly in the past. The things is I think they want to be there, so not sure if praying for them will help.

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In what way? Seem like a better goal would be to be exceptional, not normal.

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