LGBTQ Discrimination and Title IX—Imago Gei

On this episode of Imago Gei, civil rights attorney Amanda Ghannam and I discuss why LGBTQ discrimination at religious institutions is, unfortunately, legal. Prosecution of LGBTQ discrimination cases in religious settings is also difficult due to First Amendment complications. So, what is the history of LGBTQ legislation and what is the possibility for legislative change in the future?

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is it really unfortunate that those that take the admonitions of scripture seriously have a right to believe and act as they see fit? Wasn’t it just a decade ago or sea that it was “live and let live.”? Now it is unfortunate that some who disagree have basic rights that you wish to deny them?

That seems rank hypocrisy to me? You do not want others to have what you have? I think we call that bullying.

There is no imago Dei here at all, but something else.

I really appreciated this podcast. How well i remember the Silver vs Pacific Press debavle, when Neal Wilson, Sr told the court that we as a church are protected and can discriminate at will (the issue was equal pay for equal work, and what gender could be considered Head of Household). At that time, the courts did not agree with Elder Wilson. I am sad to realize that that these protections have eroded. I can’t see who would want to work for a church in any capacity anymore.


Carolyn, have you seen this interview on AToday? It’s quite disturbing.

Thanks for the link - it was VERY disturbing (sigh), and not over yet. This is clergy abuse, and as usual, the person at the top was just moved on down the road, to abuse another day and another employee.


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